95 Spring Instagram Captions to Welcome Your Favorite Season

Do the first hints of warmer weather, brighter days, fresh leaves and flowers, and the exciting arrival of baby animals…

Do the first hints of warmer weather, brighter days, fresh leaves and flowers, and the exciting arrival of baby animals awaken something beautiful in you? Perhaps it’s that profound sense of hope and happiness, a definite shift in the air, that makes your soul sing. If you’ve ever experienced that magical spring transformation, you’re not alone.

Gallup has been polling folks about their favorite season for a really long time (since the 1960s, actually), and spring has always emerged as the clear winner.

So, you’re taking tons of pictures to capture the vibrant beauty and new beginnings that surround you, yes? Whether you’re flaunting bright new outfits, enjoying beautiful days, overhauling your interior through spring cleaning, or making a fresh start in your garden, all your spring moments make for fantastic Instagram fodder. But who’s got time to brainstorm great spring captions for Instagram that truly do the season justice? Not you! You’re too busy spring cleaning or soaking up the first spring sunshine!

Don’t worry, friends! We’ve got you covered with this collection of spring Instagram captions perfect for every mood and occasion! Enjoy!

Funny (and Punny!) Spring Instagram Captions

If spring makes you giddy with excitement, share that beautiful vibe with all your Instagram followers — and let it all out with hilarious or punny spring Instagram captions that scream, “This season is too fun to take seriously!”

1. Spring is in the air, and I’ve got allergies! Achoo!

2. Spring always comes as such a re-leaf, doesn’t it?

3. Rise and shine, a little birdie whispered… OK, screeched.

4. Wake up and smell the flowers.

5. It’s blooming amazing!

6. Glow and grow, buddies!

7. Be-leaf in the power of spring.

8. Spring into action!

9. Leaf me alone. I’m busy soaking up the spring rays.

10. I’m so egg-cited for spring!

Cute Spring Captions for Instagram

Cute Spring Captions for Instagram

There’s no better time to feel cute than spring, the season of fresh starts and silliness! These simple captions welcome springtime with a dash of cuteness.

11. Hello, spring!

12. My happiness is home-grown!

13. Love the cool breeze of spring.

14. The bees and the birds are here!

15. Brighten up! It’s spring!

16. You grow, girl!

17. Time to touch grass!

18. Welcome, best season of the year!

19. More sunshine, more flowers, please!

20. Bright and beautiful!

Instagram Captions for Spring Activities

Is spring your number one excuse to jump into brand new adventures? Do you love meditating in the open air, biking around the neighborhood, or organizing springtime scavenger hunts for the little ones? These captions will get your Instagram audience in the mood for action!

21. Goodbye, bird-sound meditation tape. Hello, garden-time yoga!

22. Working on that beach bod is just a great excuse to stroll around in the park during the most beautiful time of the year.

23. Springtime is bike time!

24. Nothing screams “Yes, it’s spring!” like that old mini golf at the park.

25. Time for a scavenger hunt!

26. The worst part of spring? I don’t know whether to start my bucket list with a picnic or a hike!

27. Sorry, boss. Too busy smelling the flowers today!

28. Yes! Hibernation mode officially deactivated!

29. Pick anything. Anything. Spring’s the best time for a new beginning!

30. Whatever you do, do it with a springtime smile!

Spring Instagram Captions for Gardeners

You’ve been yearning for this moment since the first fall leaves appeared, and now that it’s here, there’s so much to do — and so many little greens to show off! Share your green thumb and gardening adventures in style by planting some garden-tastic spring Instagram captions!

31. My new best buds.

32. Sow today, reap tomorrow.

33. Get planting!

34. Welcome to our garden, little seedlings!

35. The fact that it always comes back, every year, shows it was “mint” to be!

36. Growing my green thumb!

37. I smell like dirt. The best kind.

38. Sing to your local plants, and they’ll love you back.

39. Look how tall I’ve grown!

40. So. Many. Plants.

Spring Instagram Captions for Gardeners

Spring Instagram Captions for Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re an all-season adventurer or you take a break during winter, spring is always a great excuse to go hiking, running, biking, camping, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Allow your Instagram followers to immerse themselves in your outdoor activities with these action-packed spring Instagram captions!

41. On your bike!

42. It’s spring! Head for the hills!

43. Find me under the trees. With a picnic basket.

44. Indoors is for winter. Get out there!

45. Gone fishing.

46. Born to be wild and free.

47. Nurture yourself with nature.

48. Spring hasn’t started until you’ve fallen out of a kayak.

49. Run, Forrest, run!

50. Next stop: Adventure.

Instagram Captions for Spring Home Vibes

It might all be about that outdoor vibe, but spring cleaning is the other big activity of the season! Whether you want to show your Insta fam what a busy bee you are or you’re more of a procrastinator, these captions get that homely vibe across.

51. This one sparks joy! Ting!

52. My home is my happy place, especially when it’s ready for spring!

53. Slaying spring cleaning, one dusty corner at a time.

54. Look at all my new plant babies! I couldn’t help myself!

55. Some people keep Christmas decorations year-round, but me? I don’t feel reborn until I redecorate!

56. Open the windows, and let the spring in!

57. There’s no better therapy than spring cleaning.

58. Don’t stop until every nook and cranny makes your heart sing!

59. Letting the Roomba take care of the hard work. I’m spring cleaning myself… with a salad.

60. Ready to bring the outdoors inside!

Instagram Captions for Spring Home Vibes

Spring Instagram Captions About Fashion

New season, new outfits! Show your colorful outfits of the day off with these fun spring Instagram captions, and start the season with style!

61. I’m blooming into a beautiful flower!

62. This outfit is growing on me…

63. Everything’s cuter in spring.

64. “Don’t let it get away. It’s a beautiful day!”

65. Add a pop of color!

66. Always look on the bright side.

67. Live your life in full color.

68. Eat your greens and plant them, too.

69. Sunshine on my mind!

70. Hello, yellow!

Cool Spring Captions for Instagram About Family Fun

Enjoying spring with little ones in tow? Instagram enjoys a great family day out — especially if there are baby animals involved! We hope these captions match your vibe!

71. Baby’s first spring picnic!

72. Spring weather and fun for the whole family!

73. Nothing warms the heart like babies petting baby animals.

74. Spring into action and have an egg-cellent time!

75. Baby’s so egg-cited about spring!

76. Spring vibes with our tribe.

77. Relax, refresh, and water balloon fight.

78. Planting smiles.

79. Catch us outside.

80. Love my little sprouts!

Romantic Spring Instagram Captions for Couples in Love

There’s no more romantic season than spring, when love is always in full bloom! Whether you’re getting out there and enjoying long hikes with your other half, or you’re more of a “picnic and enjoy the flowers” kind of couple, these spring Instagram captions for couples will brighten up your feed.

81. Spring is in the air… and so is love.

82. Be bloom together!

83. I pick you!

84. Whenever someone tries to pull us apart, we spring back together!

85. Spring fling year round.

86. My love for you is blossoming.

87. A beautiful day for a romantic selfie!

88. Spring fever!

89. Hope spring’s treating you well!

90. Ready for every adventure with you!

Romantic Spring Instagram Captions for Couples in Love

Creative Writing Prompts to Help You Craft Fantastic Spring Captions for Instagram

We don’t know about you, but these spring captions for Instagram pictures already filled us with excitement for the season ahead!

You’re absolutely welcome to use any of the captions we shared on your own Instagram posts as they are, or to add to them to craft a unique caption that perfectly matches your mood and picture. There’s no two ways about it, though — the best spring Instagram captions are custom-written for the occasion!

If you’re not sure how to pen a great Instagram caption that tells a story and immerses your followers in your spring experience but you’d love to write your own, we’ve got some awesome creative writing prompts and spring Instagram caption ideas to help you out!

91. Love gardening, whether indoors or outdoors? If you’re sowing seeds, follow your new plant babies’ journey to thriving established plants, and write your captions from their perspective!

92. You’re planning a trip, right? Whether it’s a modest weekend getaway or an entire camping adventure, choose captions that highlight the adventurous spirit of your experience with a focus on renewal.

93. What’s in your picnic basket, and why? Tell your story through a foodie lens!

94. Don’t forget to share your morning routine! What’s spring inspiring you to change this year?

95. What’s on your spring playlist this year, and why? The songs you listen to may just make for wonderful spring captions!

FAQ About Spring Captions for Instagram

Why do spring captions for Instagram pictures matter?

We’re sure your spring pictures are great, but the right captions help you get your mood across. They also add much-needed context, so your followers understand exactly what you’re up to. (Which is great, because that helps you bag those likes and comments you enjoy so much!)

Do you have any tips for writing spring Instagram captions?

Sure! If you’ve got no idea where to start and you’re bored of “went to the park” kind of captions, start by summarizing your photo (and the experience behind it) with a single mood. Does your photo scream “fun,” “adventure,” “hope,” “renewal,” or “peace,” for instance? That should help you narrow your options down. Take it from there!

Should I use any specific words in my Instagram captions for spring?

That’s up to you, but think about it — spring usually makes people feel happy and excited, providing a unique sense of rebirth and action. It’s when all the wildlife that seemed so dormant during the winter comes out to play, and plants grow like crazy! Words like “grow,” “plant” (as a verb, not a noun), “hope,” “love,” “air,” and “bloom” all help get that spring message across.

What are some great hashtags to use in my next spring captions for Instagram?

Tough choice! You probably shouldn’t “max out” all that hashtag space, but you’ve got some lovely and vibrant hashtags to pick from. Some of our all-time favorites include #springvibes, #blossomseason, #sunnydays, #aprilshowers, #springfashion, #freshbeginnings, #gardenmagic #floralfantasy, and #outdooradventures.

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