Funny Instagram Captions: A List to Spruce Up Your Posts

Are you ready to take your social media game to the next level with some hilarious captions for Instagram? Good…

Are you ready to take your social media game to the next level with some hilarious captions for Instagram?

Good choice! Laughter isn’t just the best medicine but also, according to comedian Victor Borge, “the closest distance between two people.” The funniest captions for Instagram can do so much more than give people a chuckle. They can build bridges, close gaps, lighten the mood, and forge lasting relationships. Crazy Instagram captions can boost your engagement rate and help you reel in new followers.

But let’s face it, creating consistently funny Instagram captions that resonate with your followers is tricky as hell.

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back! We’ll help you brainstorm funny Instagram captions that don’t just make your followers type a reluctant “LOL” but inspire genuine laughter, likes, and witty comments.

How to Craft Funny Captions for Instagram

Writing funny Instagram captions isn’t just about wit and creativity — it’s also about knowing your audience and pairing your hilarious Instagram captions with the right photos and videos. Context is everything, and here are some key tips to craft your next witty Instagram caption.

Know Your Audience

Be careful! Just like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, one Insta user’s fun Instagram captions quickly become another’s reason to unfollow you (or unleash an army of pitchforks). Humor is subjective, and understanding your community is the key to writing the best funny Instagram captions.

Arm yourself with universally appreciated types of humor to make your captions for Instagram funny. The types of humor that go over well on Instagram include:

  • Puns and clever wordplay are the safest ways to inject humor into your Instagram captions.
  • Sarcasm and irony, with a royal sprinkling of self-deprecation.
  • Second-hand embarrassment and cringe — cringey Instagram captions so bad that they’re good are very meta. Embrace corny Instagram captions that give nearly everyone a chuckle — the more cliché, the better.
  • Relatable observational humor that turns dull everyday situations into hilarious moments.

No matter what else you do to make your Instagram captions fun, let your personality or brand identity shine through in everything you write!

Use Punctuation and Emojis Strategically

Don’t be afraid to experiment as you craft a witty caption for Instagram or customize one from our list. A well-placed emoji or a sassy period can make or break the humor in your message — and let readers who don’t intuitively connect with your message know you’re being funny. Don’t underestimate the power of periods, question marks, and ellipses, either. The punctuation you use or leave out makes a huge difference.

Context is King

Humor is heavily context-dependent, and Instagram captions are no exception. “You + me = eternal love” might make for an excessively cheesy Instagram caption if it accompanies a pic of you and your other half, but it becomes a  funny Instagram caption alongside a photo of that wonderful cocktail you enjoyed on Friday.

A brand’s quirky Instagram captions differ from those you expect on a personal Instagram profile — and we’d advise you to make sure you won’t accidentally offend half your followers by having multiple people check your witty Instagram captions before posting them!

Funny Instagram Captions for Selfies

Not sure how to craft funny self captions for Instagram? Comment on your looks, offer an insight so random nobody can fail to laugh, or offer some bold home truths. Here’s some inspiration to get you started with funny Instagram posts captions for all your selfies!

1. Masterpiece or mess? Just can’t decide.

3. I’m on a roll. (Eating sushi or pastries.)

4. They say the only direction is forward, but my inner navigation system didn’t get the message. (Lost on vacation selfie.)

5. Go big or go home? Home it is. (Fitness selfie.)

6. The only guy who can wake me up at 4 am and expect cuddles. (Pet selfie.)

7. Maybe she was born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. (Bedhead selfie.)

8. Not in Kansas anymore.

9. Whoever said the best moments in life are free hasn’t tried this pizza.

10. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

11. You can’t spell “selfie” without “goof.”

12. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. (For Friday nights at the club!)

13. When you don’t know the question, silly faces are the answer.

14. Just broke up with the gym. We didn’t work out.

15. You’re in italics, and I’m always in bold.

16. Rise and whine!

17. I’m about as easy to understand as an IKEA manual.

18. Best friends forever.

19. Pizza + me = win-win.

20. Miss me?

Short Funny Instagram Captions

You don’t have to write a novel to make your Instagram captions funny — most of the time, a few well-placed words will do!

21. No comment.

22. Sue me.

23. I’ll be back.

24. Win-win.

25. Handle with care.

26. Let there be light.

27. Be right back.

28. Control + Alt + Delete

29. 20% coffee, 10% sleep, 70% dedication.

30. Winging it.

31. Stealth mode.

32. Oops.

33. Is it nap time yet?

34. Sus.

35. And what’s your excuse?

36. Think I’ve found “the one.”

37. Humor not included.

38. One of a kind.

39. Tell me you see it too?

40. Bingo!

Quirky Captions for Instagram

When you don’t know what to say to make your caption for Instagram funny, you can always abandon every effort to make sense and let your freak flag fly. The best weird captions for Instagram might not have anything to do with your post, or they could be insider jokes that nobody outside your inner circle gets.

41. Don’t forget to remember, but definitely don’t remember to forget.

42. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

43. That feeling you get when you find your dad’s old record collection.

44. The best things come in the smallest of packages. Hope you have a microscope.

45. If you ever need someone to help you fish hair out of the sink, you know where to find me.

46. When life gives you lemons, consider your enemies’ eyes a worthy target.

47. I’m on team dork.

48. Sure I’d learn from my mistakes… if I made any.

49. Just another regular day at the office.

50. In case of emergency, break the glass.

52. Just pretending to be normal. (Just kidding. Way past that.)

53. This one sparks joy.

54. If your life was a bad tattoo, what would it say?

56. When in doubt, just take a selfie with a stranger.

67. Foodie mode activated.

68. Special delivery!

69. Forget belly fat. Use this one weird trick to lose yourself in the moment.

70. I’m not lost. I’m just taking the scenic route.

Funny Captions for Instagram for Girls

Instagram may be your canvas, but if you want to add an extra sprinkling of humor to your posts, funny cute Instagram captions are the way to go. Whether you’re taking selfies, showcasing new looks, or having fun captions for Instagram that highlight your personality go a long way!

71. Today’s forecast: Supreme confidence with a dose of quirk and a sprinkling of style.

72. My mom told me to go on a diet, but I donut care.

73. For perfection, just add coffee.

74. If our friendship was an inspirational saying, it would be “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the pizza.”

75. Coffee and friendship. The perfect combo!

76. No alarms. No responsibilities. Just me, my couch, Netflix, and chocolate.

77. When nothing else is perfect, focus on your outfit!

78. We go together like PB&J!

79. I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine.

80. Your mind is my favorite place.

Funny Captions for Instagram for Boys

Looking for witty captions for Instagram for boys? Lean into the unexpected, embrace the puns, and don’t be scared to use cheesy captions for Instagram that might as well be dad jokes. There’s no need to write a novel —  when in doubt, short witty Instagram captions are the answer. Get your inspiration for the funniest captions for Instagram here!

81. Work hard, play hard, laugh harder.

82. Putting the “man” into “manicure.”

83. Running… out of excuses.

84. Me in the elevator: Do you even lift, bro?

85. I’m just like your favorite coffee: tall, dark, and handsome.

86. Just doing what I do best. Eating.

87. Did anyone say Pizza?

88. When the graphics are better than your life.

89. I swear! It wasn’t me!

90. They told me to bring a six pack, so I went shirtless.

Cute Funny Instagram Captions for Pics with Pets

Nothing calls for goofy captions for Instagram like your furry friends! Your pet will always be the star of the story, but Instagram funny captions sure help to melt your followers’ hearts! Share weird Instagram captions that reflect your furry friend’s quirky personality straight from your soul, or lean into the power of pet-related memes!

91. Paw-sitive vibes only!

92. If I don’t fits, I still sits.

93. Feline handsome today!

94. Hi! I’ll be your like magnet for today!

95. Watch out, humans! I’m coming for your treats!

96. Much good boy, so vibes.

97. Puppy love = the best kind of love.

98. Left my felines alone for a few hours. It was a cat-astrophe.

99. Cat-ching up on my sleep with my best friend.

100. Wishing you a pawesome day!

How to Use This Guide to Craft Your Own Funny Instagram Post Captions

Have you ever heard that story about Michelangelo’s supposed approach to sculpting David, his masterpiece? “It is easy,” he supposedly said, “You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

Of course, there’s no evidence that the famous Renaissance artist ever said anything of the kind, but it’s still a beautiful quote — and one that also applies when you’re writing long or short funny captions for Instagram.

How, you wonder? When you come up with crazy captions for Instagram, you usually can’t start with the caption. You have to start with the picture or video. The witty captions Instagram followers fall in love with, encouraging them to pay more attention to your pics, watch your video, and leave replies and likes, should perfectly match the mood of your Instagram posts.

There’s another dimension to making your Instagram captions funny, too. That’s your audience. Everyone enjoys humor, but not everyone loves the same flavor. Match your Instagram funny captions to your audience!

Only you know if your followers appreciate short funny captions for Instagram, goofy instagram captions, or corny captions for Instagram — although it may take some experimenting to get it right.

Use this guide to funny and silly captions for Instagram as inspiration. From there, tailor them to your needs and brighten your audience’s day with a laugh. Don’t forget to give the punctuation you do or don’t use some thought, and throw in some cute emojis that carry your message even further!

FAQs About Writing Funny Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

Why do funny Instagram captions matter?

Insta is famous for being a visual social media platform — so many users underestimate the power of captions. Funny pictures with captions for Instagram can actually encourage people to click on your posts and give them a like. Your  silly Instagram captions also often make the difference between passive interactions (likes and views) and active ones (the holy grail of comments!).

What’s the ideal length for a funny caption Instagram users will appreciate?

Instagram gives you a lot of space to share your written creativity with the world. Your corny Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters long, but that doesn’t mean you need to use all the space you have!

Funny Instagram story captions should be shorter than other captions — get straight to the point, invoking curiosity to get followers to click! Post captions can be longer, but don’t force it. Try to allow your readers to see your full message without having to tap “more.”

How can I come up with  funny short Instagram captions?

Inspiration finds you in the weirdest of places — so keep your phone handy and make a note of any hilarious or  cheesy Instagram captions you come up with! If you reach a dead end, guides like this one can help you out!

Are there any no-nos when writing funny Instagram captions?

Plenty! The first rule of IG captions is avoiding offensive humor. If you run a large Instagram account, always double check with a few people before you accidentally post something that won’t go over well.

Funny phone captions for Instagram should also be short enough for followers to read them without much effort.

What’s left? If you want to write not cringe Instagram captions, be honest with yourself — and if in doubt, wait to post until your creative juices start flowing!