How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?

When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most versatile and popular platforms. It has a…

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When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most versatile and popular platforms. It has a range of dynamic features that are designed to offer the platform’s 2 billion users an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Instagram stories are undoubtedly the most interactive features, and though they receive less engagement on average than carousels and reels, they are a great way to connect with your followers.

But what is the longest amount of time they will last on your feed? Let’s take a look.

What are Instagram Stories? 

Instagram stories are a unique posting format for both images and videos. What makes them special is:

  • The array of interactive stickers that you can add to them (for example, stickers that include clickable links or moving images)
  • The fact that they do not appear in your main feed
  • The way that they automatically disappear

How Long Does an Instagram Story Stay on Instagram?

So, how long does a story actually last? There are technically two answers to this question.

When you post your story, it will remain active for 24 hours. After this point, it automatically archives itself.

Once in your archive, however, your Instagram stories have no set lifespan. They will stay in your archive indefinitely. You can view previous stories in your Instagram archive if you wish to, save them as highlights, or publish them as a normal post to your feed. If you delete your account, however, your archive will be permanently lost.


Can I stop Instagram stories from disappearing? 

If you upload stories that you want to preserve, you can remove them from your archive and add them to a highlight. This will not preserve them on your main story feed, but it will make them readily accessible to your followers for as long as you keep the highlight on your profile.

Is it a good idea to make Instagram highlights? 

Making a highlight collection is a great idea whether you use your account as an online scrapbook of sorts, or as a part of your online marketing strategy. If you make highlights on your personal account, they allow you and your friends to look back on previous stories with good memories. If you use your stories for marketing, you can use a highlight collection to keep your best performing posts available for new followers to review at their leisure.

Can I edit Instagram stories after they’re posted?

No, once you have posted your story, you cannot edit it either in your story feed or in the archive. However when you post a story, a version of it will be present on your phone. You can then upload this and add small details that you missed. This can lower the quality of the image or video, however, so it is often better to remake the story.