How to Add Link to Instagram Post

Instagram has quickly become one of the largest social media platforms around. With over 100 million users within the U.S….

Instagram has quickly become one of the largest social media platforms around. With over 100 million users within the U.S. alone, it is no surprise that many people use the site to promote other circles and sites they are on. 

If you’re running a business or simply want to link your other websites and social media accounts to your posts, that’s made easy on the IG app or site. Here’s a quick guide on how to add links to Instagram posts:

Adding links to your Instagram posts can be a great way to boost engagement with your other social media accounts or your own website. For online businesses, links show potential customers where to purchase your products or services. Influencers and more casual users can share their other social media accounts or personal websites with their followers, expanding their reach and offering a more comprehensive presence.

In short, posting links can organically boost your engagement and allow your followers access to your content on your terms, especially if you also post elsewhere. Higher conversion rates (or the number of clicks your links get) are proven to be associated with image posts, according to CXL. Since Instagram is a prime location for those kinds of posts, this means your links may fare better on that platform.

How to Post Links on Instagram

Due to constant misuse of users over-promoting their own links in comments, or bots spamming with malicious links, Instagram has taken a firmer stance against simply posting a link in posts. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t still do it, however. There are several methods you can leverage for how to add links to instagram post. Let’s check out the best options below.

Link Sticker

Link stickers are little icons that you can add to your Instagram story, which then lead to an external link. This does not apply to posts, but you can mention in your post that your story contains an easy link sticker for viewers to use. 

Link in Bio

For long-term access to a link, you can mention “Link in the Bio” in your post, either in the description or as a hashtag. Links are clickable in an IG bio, so interested parties will then visit your profile to see where they can purchase your products, see your other social media accounts, or check out whatever else you link to.

Link Landing Page

Another method is using a link landing page on your bio, such as Linktree or Campsite. Instead of posting individual links to various other sites, you can simply direct your followers to that page, where it lists all the sites you may be on, including a link to your personal or business websites. You can also put this link tree in your posts, but it won’t be clickable unless you’ve paid for advertisement. 

Likewise, keep in mind that it may cost you money to keep this link tree up, depending on the extent of customization and control you want, as well as which site you choose to host the link tree.

Shorten the URL in the Post

Although Instagram has restricted posting links, that doesn’t mean they’ve totally banned them. Shortened URLs tend to be a good workaround and it spares your posts’ character limits too.

Rather than hoping your followers will copy and paste a long URL into their search bars, a shortened URL can help boost conversions. Sites like Bitly can help shorten any URLs to make them more memorable and, thus, more likely for your followers to type into their search bars.


Can you add a link to Instagram reels?

Yes, you can add a link to an Instagram reel using a link sticker. This is similar to stories.

Do I always have to write “Link in Bio” for my posts?

No, though it is a popular option for many people. Most users expect to visit the bio’s link tree if a post suggests going to another site at all, but just to make sure people won’t view the lack of a link as an oversight, it can help to remind people with each post that you have an accessible link elsewhere. 

Does Instagram forbid any links from being posted on their site?

Any content within the link that Instagram suspects is spam, and any text or links that may lead to explicit (over 18) sites, are forbidden from being posted. This is true regardless of the method you choose for posting that link.