How to Collab Post on Instagram

Social media is all about finding a community of like-minded people. Whether that’s to seek out people who are like…

Social media is all about finding a community of like-minded people. Whether that’s to seek out people who are like you personally, or because you are enacting a social media marketing strategy, collaborating with others is a great way to expand your online presence and find your community. 

Instagram now has a feature that allows you to officially collaborate with other Instagram users. How does it work, and should you use it?

What is a Collab Post on Instagram? 

A collab post is a feature that’s open to professional Instagram accounts, which allows them to create content in collaboration with another user. This feature, which was launched in fall of 2021, offers a great opportunity to develop your brand, since it allows creators to help each other reach new audiences and build a joint image or initiative.

With mutually beneficial results, influencers, brands, and individuals use collaborations for reasons such as:

  • Competition announcements and winner notifications
  • Influencer/brand partnerships
  • User-generated content and follower shout-outs
  • Marketing campaigns

At the moment, collaborative posts are only available for feed posts and reels. You cannot create collaborative stories, or collaborate on any other kind of post.  

How to do a Collab Post on Instagram

If you’re interested in how to collab on Instagram, this simple guide will walk you through the process:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Press the plus (+) icon to make a new reel or feed post.
    How to Collab Post on Instagram
  3. Create your post and press ‘Next.’
    How to Collab Post on Instagram 1
  4. Edit your reel or post to your satisfaction.
  5. Press ‘Tag People’ and then tap ‘Invite Collaborator.’
    How to Collab Post on Instagram 2
  6. Search for the account you wish to collaborate with, and add them to the post.

When you make a collaborative post on Instagram, the other account will receive a notification. This will give them the option to accept or reject this invitation. If they accept it, they will be listed as a co-author on the post, and the post will be shared with their followers as well as yours.


Can collaborators edit a post? 

If you invite someone to collaborate, you will be the main author of the post. As such, only you will be able to edit it. If they invite you to collaborate, they will be the main author and you will not be capable of editing the post.

Can I remove a collaborator from a post?

Yes, if you make a collab post with someone else, you can remove them from the post at any time. To do this:

  • View the post and open the menu.
  • Choose ‘stop sharing.’
  • The collaborator will be removed.

After this point, the content will no longer be on their feed.

Can I add a collaborator to a post after it has been uploaded?

You must add collaborators before you upload your post. You can tag people in a post after you upload it, but they will not be added as a co-author.

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