How to Delete Instagram Reel Drafts

The beauty of Instagram reels is that the in-app creator tool means they are extremely quick and easy to make….

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The beauty of Instagram reels is that the in-app creator tool means they are extremely quick and easy to make.

What’s more, with so many templates and suggested audio tools available to users, you have as much control over the details of your reel as you like – following the format of an existing template or building something from scratch yourself.

Of course, sometimes you will run out of time after starting a reel and will find yourself saving your progress in drafts to edit later on.

Now imagine that you forget, either discarding the idea completely in favour of something different or restarting the reel from scratch with some different images or audio.

Your saved draft is now redundant – ready to be deleted.

Here’s how to delete your reel drafts and leave a blank canvas ready for your next creation…

5 Steps to Delete Draft Reels

  1. Head to your Instagram profile page and click on the plus sign in the square box along the top of your screen
  2. Select ‘Create Reel’
  3. On the ‘New Reel’ screen, select ‘Drafts’ from the carousel of options (NOTE: Drafts will only be available if you have one or more stored in the app. If you don’t have any drafts waiting for you, then this option will not exist)
  4. Click on ‘Select’ in the top right hand corner of the Drafts folder
  5. Select the reel drafts that you want to delete, and click on ‘Discard’ in red text along the bottom of your screen

And voila! Your draft will now disappear, leaving you free to try other formats and explore other creative finishes across your videos.

Did You Know…

Uninstalling the Instagram app will also mean that all of your reels drafts will be lost.

This is worth considering if you are uninstalling the app for another purpose – especially if you tend to leave drafts half finished with the intention of coming back to them at a later date. Our advice is to finish and schedule them before uninstalling the app or download them to work on in your new version of Instagram.

Deleting your drafts is not always necessary, as Instagram will happily store them for you just in case you want to return to them at some point. However, if you are someone who likes to keep their app and device as clear as possible, then this article should help!