How to Find a Reel You Watched On Instagram

Have you recently watched or scrolled past a reel that you particularly enjoyed and want to watch again – either…

Have you recently watched or scrolled past a reel that you particularly enjoyed and want to watch again – either for your own benefit or to show to someone else?

Well, let’s hope you remembered the username of the reel creator, or saved or liked the reel as part of your own engagement activity – because if not, the chances are that finding the reel will be next to impossible.

This is because Instagram does not operate or provide any kind of historical feature which lets you see or scroll through posts and reels that you’ve already watched. Sure, you can easily find the reels that you’ve engaged with in some way – but if you simply watched then scrolled on, then you can liken your hunt to searching for a needle in a haystack.

In this article, we’re sharing a few ways of finding a reel that you liked or saved – and how to search via username if you happen to remember the original poster.

Finding a Reel That You Liked

To find a reel that you liked, head to your profile page and click on the menu button in the top right hand corner.

Click on ‘Your Activity’ on the dropdown menu and then select ‘Likes’.

You will now find that your page is full of a grid of posts that you have liked – dating back as far as you can remember! You can filter this down to reels specifically by selecting the ‘All Content Types’ dropdown and selecting ‘Reels’.

If you know that the reel you’re looking for was posted a long time ago, then you can try filtering down further using the dates or the ‘Oldest to Newest’ feature – or you can simply browse and look for signs of the reel in question.

Finding a Reel That You Saved

If you saved a reel that you enjoyed, you can access this by heading to that same menu from your profile page and then clicking ‘Saved’.

Depending on how often you use this feature, your saved content may be separated into different collections – or it might all be inside one ‘All Posts’ collection. For the majority of users, a sole ‘All Posts’ collection will contain all the reels and other updates that they have saved.

Click on this and use the tools along the top of the grid to filter to reels-only. You can now browse and find the reel in question.

Finding a Reel That You Sent

If there’s a chance that you sent the reel you want to find to another user, then head over to your DM inbox and scroll through your messages to find the user who you would have sent it to.

Click on their name at the top of the chat, and you will find a grid of all the posts you’ve shared and sent to each other. Just as in the two options above, you can scroll through these to your heart’s content, looking for the reel you want to re-watch!

Searching Via Username

If you can remember the username of the original poster, then the last shot you’ve got is to search for their profile and find the original reel directly on their profile grid.

This is actually a really good way to find a reel that you enjoyed, particularly if it dealt with a topic that you are interested in – because the chances are that in searching for the specific reel you want to find, you will uncover a selection of other posts that are just as interesting!

We hope this helps! Losing content that you enjoyed can be really frustrating – but consider this a reminder to like or save anything you find interesting, to ensure that you watch it again at a later date.

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