How to Find Templates On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world and can be a great place from…

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world and can be a great place from which to launch a product, grow a profile, or establish a business. But with high numbers of users come high levels of competition – meaning that if you want to stand out, your content needs to be eye-catching and compelling.

Now, as business and creator accounts holders will know in particular, coming up with fresh ideas that will consistently engage their target audience is tough. Not only does your content need to be consistent in delivery but it needs to add value and be interesting – as well as being well presented.

Enter Instagram templates.

Templates do just what they say on the tin. They provide users and content creators with a format on which to input their own data and imagery, to ensure that all content looks consistent in design, follows the same patterns, and is effortlessly high in quality.

In essence, Instagram templates are designed to make the creation of content easier, so that you need only think about what to say rather than how to present it and make it look nice.

In this article, we’re talking a bit about the different types of template that you can use on Instagram to establish an aesthetic for your page and to streamline the process of content creation.

Creating Your Own Templates

Bring branding or industry-specific imagery into your content by developing a series of content templates, which span regular posts, text-based posts, stories, and more.

Having a selection of templates to choose from can make building new updates and posts quick and easy – simply requiring you to add a new image or block of text to your template.

These templates can be created in apps like Canva which unlock countless existing ideas or enable you to build your own from scratch. The content can then be saved as an image and uploaded to your Instagram as normal.

Accessing Reel Templates On Instagram

There are plenty of different ways to make a reel on Instagram, with users able to build a reel from scratch using their own images and videos or jump onto a template which may be trending or have been used by a similar page recently.

Reel templates work by allowing you to select a reel that you like, before replacing all of the existing footage and imagery with your own content. Using the same audio as the original, you can set your own content to play against the same templated footage roll, adding your own text and other details as preferred.

The Benefits Of Instagram Templates

By far the biggest benefit of Instagram templates, both in creating reels and in generating new content for your grid and for stories, is the time-saving element.

With a template in place, whether it’s one you create yourself or one you borrow from another creator, you can create and share high quality content in no time at all.

Another benefit comes from the power of trends on Instagram. Reels in particular are incredibly influenced by trending concepts, with the same variations on content themes popping up across the app and causing different (and often unexpected) profiles to go viral.

Finally, templates can help with generating content ideas. When you have a specific format to follow, you may find it easier to decide what to post on a regular basis – especially if you operate a brand or creator page and need to post consistently.

We hope this helps you to establish a content strategy and tap into high quality, aesthetically pleasing posts and reels for your Instagram account!

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