How to Follow Someone On Instagram

Have you recently come across an account that you love, and whose updates you want to keep an eye on?…

Have you recently come across an account that you love, and whose updates you want to keep an eye on?

Perhaps a friend of yours has just started up a new Instagram account, or you want to give a local business a boost in followers?

Whatever it is, following someone on Instagram is a quick and easy way to ensure that you never miss an update from them again – not to mention, it’s completely free and an excellent way to support small business owners even if you can’t afford to buy from them! After all, Instagram engagement is a prominent tool for businesses that are looking to build a profile and name for themselves.

Here’s how to follow an account that you like or that you have come across recently.

How to Follow An Account From Your Newsfeed / Discovery Page

Newsfeed ads and discovery page content will often be brought to you from accounts that you don’t already follow.

To add these users to your growing ‘Following’ list, you can either click through to their profile page and follow them from there, or (in the case of discovery page posts), use the ‘Follow’ shortcut that’s positioned at the top of their post.

As soon as you follow an account, their content will appear on your newsfeed and their story updates will pop up in your story carousel along the top of your homepage.

If you are looking for something specific, for example ‘floral wedding cakes’, then you might find the search bar particularly useful.

Once you’ve searched for your keyword or specific interest / market, click on ‘Accounts’ along the top and browse the list of suggested accounts relating to your search. You can then click into these accounts and follow them as per the instructions above.

With Instagram such a sociable platform, led by interaction and engagement, it makes sense that following other users is a nice and easy process to follow. We hope this guide clears up any problems you have, and lets you know how to build your community with ease.