How to Get Sponsored on TikTok

Being sponsored on TikTok is the same as working under a brand partnership. Creators and influencers who can get sponsored…

Being sponsored on TikTok is the same as working under a brand partnership.

Creators and influencers who can get sponsored are essentially paid to work directly with brands, creating and sharing content which puts branded products front and centre to a growing community of loyal followers.

Getting sponsored is the same as becoming a paid influencer.

It enables brands to leverage your following and reach your followers directly, benefitting from the trust that those followers have to you as a creator. Rather than introducing their own products in a clearly self-serving marketing campaign, sponsored content puts the power of persuasion in the hands of the creator – be it through a how-to tutorial video, a ‘my favourite products’ video, or something completely different.

While there are a number of ways to earn money as a creator on TikTok, getting sponsored is unarguably the most effective and the most sustainable way to earn money through the app.

Here’s how to position yourself to get sponsored.

Why Are Sponsorships so Common on TikTok?

Before we share the best ways to get sponsored, let’s take a closer look at why these partnerships are becoming so popular on the social media app.

Consumers are more likely than ever to trust real consumers when it comes to making a decision. Far from believing the marketing spiel of companies, word of mouth and genuine user experiences are the new gold standard of marketing.

And with influencers earning handsome sums in return for creating content which shares their genuine thoughts and views while using branded products, it seems as though the format is working.

Where to Find Sponsorship Opportunities

When you are selected to be sponsored by a brand, you commit to creating a certain amount of content for and surrounding that brand and its products.

In return, you are paid by the brand – sometimes with a direct fee, sometimes via an affiliate link that tracks how many sales are completed off the back of your content.

However you earn, the best way to build a sponsorship portfolio and generate a sustainable income from TikTok is to keep creating great content and keep growing your audience – while sticking within your niche and keeping your content authentic and genuine.

The best way to come across sponsorship opportunities is to…

  • Join the Creator Marketplace, where TikTok will match you with potential brand partnerships. To join, you need to have at least 100,000 followers and be posting regularly.
  • Optimise your content and build a profile within your niche market, and then let the right brands find you. This takes time but is a good way of always landing the right fit.
  • Reach out to brands yourself, focussing on those that you genuinely use and love. You can even create content which highlights these brands without sponsorship, in the hopes that they will notice you and get in touch.

How to Make Your Profile Stand Out for Sponsorships

With all that in mind – and now that you know why sponsorships are so popular on TikTok – how can you make your profile stand out?


Yes, you want to work for and with another brand to earn money and build your profile.

But the only way to appeal to those brands is to create a profile that they want to be affiliated with and linked to. And the best way to do this is with effective self-branding.

In order to stand out, find your niche and the kind of content that you want to post on TikTok, and the rest will follow.

Build Your Network

Again, you need to have a good following and a solid presence in your chosen niche or industry in order to stand out. But you can take this one step further by advancing with your own personal collaborations – for example, hosting live streams with other likeminded creators, and exploring Q&A and other content types which boost profile growth.

Post Regularly

Trust us when we say that brands will only work with you if they can be sure that you will post regularly and to a high enough standard for them.

Even in the earliest stages of establishing your profile and your place in the industry, it’s important to be regular and consistent with your posting – both in how often you post and in how high quality is.

Think About the Aesthetic of Your Profile

Does your profile present itself as both professional and reputable?

If you want to attract sponsorships, take the time to clean up your profile – selecting a good profile picture, tidying up your video grid, and ensuring that the bio and any associated links all support the persona that you want to put out there.

Think Ahead to Media Kits

You don’t want to get too ahead of yourself, but it also pays to be prepared and to consider media kits and other collateral that is used to support your growth as an influencer.

This could be as simple as a document that outlines how you work with brands and what they get for the cost, or it could be a reference link to existing experience and previous sponsorships.

Whatever it is, a media kit looks professional – and in this business, professionalism is key.

For more advice on building brand deals and becoming a successful, sponsored influencer on TikTok, we recommend following other influencers in the same sector as you – and always paying attention to the trends sweeping across TikTok. Finally, be yourself. The rise of authentic reviews and honest content makes being yourself the biggest asset available to you and to brands.