How to Know if Someone Muted You on Instagram

The mute function on Instagram falls somewhere between active interaction and a user block. As a feature, it allows users…

The mute function on Instagram falls somewhere between active interaction and a user block. As a feature, it allows users to remove the updates and content from specific individuals on their newsfeed, without unfollowing or blocking them.

From a user standpoint, the mute function acts as a way to control what appears on your newsfeed but without causing upset. This is because when you mute someone on Instagram, there is no way for them to tell – as your profile remains visible to them, and nothing changes in terms of the way your content appears on their newsfeed.

In short, when you mute someone on Instagram, all of the changes occur on your side of the connection. Their content and posts no longer appear on your newsfeed – but from their end, everything stays the same.

This makes it almost impossible to tell if you have been muted by another user – though there are potential signs to look out for.

Signs That You May Have Been Muted

Some of the most common signs that you may have been muted on Instagram include:

  • A previously interactive user, who used to like and comment on all of your posts, no longer does. While this could be down to any number of reasons, one of those reasons is that they have muted you and so longer see your content on their newsfeed.
  • Following on from the previous point, if you see that the user remains incredibly active on your friend’s posts, then this could be further evidence that they are still using Instagram regularly but aren’t seeing your posts.
  • If you no longer see a user’s name listed in your story views, then they could have muted your stories as well as your posts.

None of these are conclusive as it is virtually impossible to prove that a user has muted you without accessing their profile directly – however, they are all signs that something is standing between the user and your content.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

If you’re reading this and thinking that there are some users who you would quite like to mute yourself, then you’re in luck – because the process couldn’t be easier.

  1. Head to the profile of the individual who you would like to mute
  2. Click where it says ‘Following’ with a dropdown arrow next to it
  3. Click on ‘Mute’
  4. This brings up a series of options for content types that you can mute. As a user, you can mute another user’s posts, stories, and notes – giving you control over how often you see their updates, where, and when.

Muting another user is a great way to control your access and visibility over their content, without them realising that something is wrong. We hope that this helps you to curate an enjoyable experience on your Instagram app, without offending anyone!

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