How to Make an Instagram Filter

Instagram filters aren’t just there to smooth out your complexion and add an extra layer of mascara to your eyelashes….

Instagram filters aren’t just there to smooth out your complexion and add an extra layer of mascara to your eyelashes.

They can be a fun and incredibly immersive way to encourage engagement with your brand – whether that be a branded layer on top of the user’s face, a manufactured backdrop, or something bold and unexpected.

What’s more, creating and making Instagram filters is incredibly easy for brands and creators to do, using the Facebook-owned Spark AR Studio platform to design and build a fun and engaging filter.

Here’s how to do it…

5 Steps to Create an AR Filter

  1. Download the Spark AR Studio app onto your device
  2. Select one of the filter templates, or start a new filter from scratch
  3. Notice how the screen splits to give you a preview smartphone screen view, and a filter build view. You can upload any visual or asset and see how it appears on the screen – editing the way it looks, its size, and how it interacts with the user
  4. Test your effect by sending it to your Instagram account to trial with the integrated camera and the addition of your face
  5. Publish your filter to your Instagram

And voila! You now have a branded, personalised, or entirely unique filter that you can share with your followers or use for yourself.

The Benefits of Branded Filters

Before we send you off to the Spark AR Studio app to unlock its potential and explore the different templates and ways of building filters, it’s worth noting a few of the benefits of tailored and personalised filters.

Perhaps the most compelling benefit as experienced by brands, businesses, and creators, is the way that filters turn their branding into tangible and visible assets. An Instagram story filter is incredibly engaging and puts your followers right at the heart of your branding – making them a highly immersive feature to share on the app.

In addition, a well designed AR app is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and is regarded as a playful way of marketing.

Finally, AR filters are still relatively innovative and so building one into your Instagram marketing strategy is a fairly effortless way of helping your brand, business, or profile to stand out.

So, what are you waiting for! Head on over to Spark AR Studio and start building your filters now!