How to Make Original Audio on Instagram

When you post an update on Instagram, you can now add audio – whether it’s a clip from a movie…

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When you post an update on Instagram, you can now add audio – whether it’s a clip from a movie or TV show, a trending audio produced by another creator, a well known and loved song, or of course something that you create yourself.

Original audio has the power to personalise your content and connect it with what’s happening on screen – especially in reels which are typically a carousel of photos or videos.

But how do you create your own audio?

Option 1: Upload a Video

Perhaps the easiest way to create and share your own audio on Instagram is by filming a video with sound attached to it, and simply sharing that.

For example, you might film something where you are speaking to the camera or to someone else – using that original and unique audio as the backdrop for your post.

Option 2: Add a Voiceover

An increasingly popular form of audio for reels across Instagram is voiceover.

This is created by first attaching some music to your reel, and then overlaying it with a voiceover that you record organically. To do this, follow these quick steps…

  1. Create your reel footage and then tap on the music note to focus on audio
  2. Select the song you want to use as your backing track, then tap ‘Voiceover’. You need to navigate to the right part of your reel using the slider, then start recording the voiceover along with what’s happening on screen
  3. Tap ‘Done’ to add the voiceover to your reel

When you post your reel, the audio caption below your username will be attributed and linked back to you as the creator.

And voila! You now have a reel which is enhanced with your own audio to really personalise the footage and create an experience that you have designed and created for your followers.