How to Mass Unfollow On Instagram

Have you ever browsed your ‘Following’ list on Instagram and found a whole host of names that you don’t even…

Have you ever browsed your ‘Following’ list on Instagram and found a whole host of names that you don’t even recognise?

Perhaps you keep finding your newsfeed interrupted by posts from accounts that you don’t remember following, or by content that no longer interests you.

Whatever your reason and whatever it is that gets the cogs turning, sometimes a mass unfollow is the only way to get your Instagram account and experience back under control.

In this article, we’re sharing the best ways to purge your ‘Following’ list and strip away all of the accounts that aren’t benefitting your in-app experience.

How To Manually Remove Lots Of Users From Your ‘Following’ List

This is not exactly the best way to conduct a mass unfollow (in our opinion at least), but it is the only option available to those who want to steer clear of third party apps.

  1. Head to your profile
  2. Click on ‘Following’

A list of all the users that you currently follow will appear. Now, you have a few options once you get to this stage.

OPTION 1: Scroll down the full list of users, unfollowing those that you want to remove from your Instagram as you go.

OPTION 2: Search for specific users in the search bar at the top of the page, unfollowing them directly.

OPTION 3: Use the pre-selected categories that Instagram offers, to quickly bring up a list of the users that you interact with the least. You can then follow the process of Option 1, safe in the knowledge that every user on the list is one that you rarely interact with.

Following this process is time consuming but will enable you to have full control over the users that you remove from your ‘Following’ list.

Using Third Party Apps To Mass Unfollow Users On Instagram

The alternative option available to Instagram users is to download a third party app.

There are apps for every possible action on Instagram and across other social media platforms and channels. The apps which specialise in mass unfollowing give users access to their full list of ‘Following’ profiles and allow them to select multiple accounts at a time – unfollowing all of them with the click of a single button.

In terms of convenience, the results cannot be downplayed. Most of these apps are free to use and make mass unfollowing quick and easy – however, in some instances they can affect the performance of your Instagram app so be wary of which ones you download and use.

Which Solution Is Best?

Generally, third party apps are easier and save time – while manual deletion offers you the most control over your account and experience. Whichever option you choose, we hope that this article helps you to personalise your Instagram experience even more!