How to Repost a Reel On Instagram

Seen a reel that you like and want to share with your own followers, family members, and friends? Here’s a…

Seen a reel that you like and want to share with your own followers, family members, and friends?

Here’s a quick guide on the top 3 ways to repost a reel on Instagram.

1. How to Repost a Reel On Your Instagram Story

Navigate to the reel that you want to repost and open it into full screen mode.

Down the right hand side of the screen, you will see the buttons to like, comment on, or share the reel.

Click on the share button (the paper airplane icon) and then select ‘Add to Story’

This will add the reel to your own story so that it become accessible for your followers to watch. The extra benefit of this style of repost means that the reel is directly connected to the creator account, so you cannot be penalised for copyright or for sharing a reel without proper crediting.

NOTE: If the user who created and shared the reel manages a private account, then the reel that you post on your Instagram story will only be visible to those users who already follow the creator’s account.

2. How to Repost a Reel On Your Instagram Feed

If you want to post a reel onto your own Instagram feed, the first thing to note is that there is no official way of doing this within the Instagram app. So, we need to look elsewhere.

Third party apps are designed with functions like this in mind – and there are a number of different options available for users who want to repost a reel to their feed specifically. To access these, you will need to save the link to the reel (follow the share actions as listed above but select ‘Save Link’) and then enter that URL into your third party app of choice.

Check ratings and reviews and see what is available at the time of reading to ensure that you select the best and most reliable app.

3. Repost… But Make It Fun!

The third and final option follows many of the same steps as above, but with a little twist.

When you see a reel that you love the style of, but you’re keen to add your own spin, click on the dots underneath the share icon, and select ‘Remix Reel’.

This takes you to a screen where you can create a reel within a reel – adding layers of your content atop the existing reel. Voiceovers are a popular addition, or you can layer a reel with your own clips, text, stickers, and other add-ons to make it your own.

We hope this helps – and shows that reposting a reel doesn’t have to mean a flat “reshare” and move on. Why not make it your own with a little remixing!