How to Respond to Instagram Comments

There are a few different ways of approaching this topic. The first is from a practical viewpoint, looking at the…

There are a few different ways of approaching this topic. The first is from a practical viewpoint, looking at the steps required to respond to a comment on Instagram directly. The second is deeper and looks at how to respond to comments in a way which supports your profile and personality on Instagram, be it through a creator, private, or business account.

Let’s start with the practical side of responding to comments.

3 Steps to Respond to a Comment

  1. If you have become aware of a comment left under your post, either by directly opening the post or navigating to it through your in-app notifications, then you’ll probably want to respond or at least react to that comment. Step number one is to find the post that contains a comment you want to respond to
  2. Click on the comments underneath your caption, or select ‘View all Comments’ if there are multiple comments available
  3. Find the comment that you want to respond to, then click on the grey text reading ‘Reply’ directly under the comment

You can now type a response which will sit directly under the original comment, and which automatically tags the commenter at the start of your reply so that they see it in their notifications.

How to Know What to Respond to a Comment

This is a bit more challenging, as it requires a balance of answering a question or evoking the correct response, in a way which compliments your tone of voice or personality on the app.

Many business pages will have a series of template responses that they use in order to keep their tone of voice consistent. These can include notes letting commenters know that they will send them a DM, notes asking them to get in touch, and generic thank you notes.

For a more personal touch, small businesses and influencers or creators will often use emojis as a set response to a comment – particularly a comment which is complimenting the post or the creator. This is similar to liking the comment but shows a little more time and effort to engage.

Or you can write specific responses to each comment. This is of course the norm for private users who are interacting with friends and family – though for business and creator or influencer accounts it can be time consuming and outright unrealistic as your account continues to grow.

How you respond to comments on Instagram is up to you – however, the practical action of replying to a comment couldn’t be easier! We hope this helps you to take full control over the comments you receive and the interactions that you enjoy across your Instagram profile.

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