How to Schedule Reels on Instagram

The benefits of scheduling content apply to all three account types and can be a real time-saver for those who…

The benefits of scheduling content apply to all three account types and can be a real time-saver for those who want to generate consistency across their posts. Not only does scheduling in posts save you the effort of manually posting at the best time for your audience or followers, but it also enables you to create and pre-plan content in bulk.

Now, let’s be real for a moment (see what we did there?) …

Reels are time consuming enough to plan and create, without making sure that you hit your goal times every day or however often you choose to post. Being able to schedule reels in advance is one of the best ways of making social media, and particularly Instagram, work for you.

Here’s how to do it.

What Tools Do You Need to Schedule Reels?

Reels are very much an ‘Instagram product’, meaning that your content needs to be created within the app.

If you haven’t done this before, then we have our own countless articles on how to create reels and how to make them as engaging and entertaining as possible – but for the purpose of complete support, we’ve included a quick how-to guide as part of this article.

To create a Reel in Instagram, start by selecting the plus sign in the square box at the top of your profile page, and select ‘Create Reel’. This is where you will be presented with lots of choices, different templates, or an option to create your own reel from scratch. Add the images and video clips that you want in your reel, find the best music or audio to suit your footage, and continue on to the preview screen.

If you’re happy with how the entire reel looks from start to finish, this is where we leave Instagram. First though, you need to click on the Download button at the top of the screen – indicated by an arrow pointing downwards onto a horizontal line.

The reel is now saved to your device – and is ready to be scheduled.

And that’s where the Meta Creator Studio comes in.

Introducing the Creator Studio

The Creator Studio is Meta’s own version of a content scheduling tool and was launched in 2022 as a way of giving users across all account types more control over when their content is released.

The Creator Studio supports the scheduling of reels and other types of content, allowing users to upload any reel that they have created and downloaded to schedule. You will be asked to select a cover image, add a caption, and finally select the date and time that you want your reel to go out.


Of course, there are other apps out there that offer their own scheduling tools, with content creators and social media managers all bringing their own favourites to the table. Some of the most notable and most popular include Hootsuite, Later, and Publer.

Once your reels have gone out, they will appear just like any other piece of content you share – i.e., scheduling them via a different platform will not alter the way the content is presented. We hope that this helps you to embrace the time when your target audience is most active, while saving you valuable time.