How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

If you’re trying to build an audience and grow your personal brand, then knowing how to see who saved your…

If you’re trying to build an audience and grow your personal brand, then knowing how to see who saved your post on Instagram is highly useful. Understanding your audience is key to social media marketing, and it can guide your future content by revealing who is the most interested in your work.

Even casual users can benefit from this knowledge. Knowing that your post was funny or impactful enough to get saved can be a huge confidence boost.

But does the platform allow you to view this information? Is there really a method for how to see who saved your Instagram posts?

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post 

The simplest (but sadly, least effective) way to find out who saved your post is to ask your followers. If you do this through your Instagram story, you will not have to send individual DMs. Here’s how you can request this feedback:

  1. Find the post you want to ask your followers about on your profile.
  2. Tap it to get an enlarged, isolated view of it.
  3. Screenshot this post.
  4. Tap the ‘Home’ icon and then press the plus (+) icon.
  5. Choose the ‘Story’ option and upload the screenshot from your camera roll.
  6. Use the ‘Text’ feature to write something like: ‘Who saved this post?’
  7. Add stickers or extra text to establish the tone you intend on projecting or to encourage people to answer.
  8. Press ‘Done’ when you are finished to upload it to your story.

Ideally, the people who saved your post will respond to your story and let you know that it was them. They may even tell you what made them like it so much!

However, you cannot rely on all of the users who saved your post to respond, or even see your story. So, can you see who saved your Instagram post in another way?

Can You See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts Without Asking?

At the moment, there is no way to see a list of who has saved your Instagram posts on Instagram. This is a part of Instagram’s dedication to user privacy. While it may be frustrating, it makes sense; privacy is a real concern for many social media users.

Having all of your actions broadcasted to anyone who wants to look can make a person feel watched or accountable for even mundane engagement. This could lessen how many people do engage, or even harm the platform overall as they seek out their social media consumption elsewhere. As such, you will get to enjoy some anonymity as you save posts, but so will your followers.

The good news is, Instagram does offer some information about the performance of a specific post. The metrics you can see are more detailed if you have a professional account.

How to Switch to a Professional Instagram Account 

When you switch to a professional account, you’ll be allowed to see detailed stats that will explain how your post has performed. This includes information on how many times your post was shared, saved, and liked, as well as how many people have seen it. You cannot pick out specifics on who did what, but you will get an anonymous overview.

If you’d like this feature, here’s how to switch to a professional account:

  1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile.
  2. Open the menu icon by pressing the icon that resembles three horizontal lines.
  3. Enter the ‘Settings’ menu.
  4. Press ‘Account.’
  5. Scroll to the bottom and press ‘Switch to Professional Account.’
  6. Choose the category that best suits your content.
  7. Indicate whether you are a creator or a business.
  8. Enter any requested information and press ‘Done.’

Once you complete this process, you will have a professional Instagram account and you can begin looking at detailed metrics for your posts. Just keep in mind that you cannot have a private account that is set as professional, so your account will become public.

How to See Post Metrics on Instagram

As a professional account, you can see how your posts and account perform with ease. Here’s how to view your account metrics:

  1. Enter your profile and press ‘Professional Dashboard.’
  2. Select ‘Account Metrics.’
  3. Press ‘See All.’

Once you do this, you’ll be able to view how your account has performed over time. But what if you want to view the stats of a specific post? You can see these metrics by taking the following steps:

  1. Find the post you want to know more about on your profile.
  2. Press on it to view it.
  3. Press the ‘View Insights’ option on the left-hand side of the screen, below the picture.

When you press this option, you will be able to see how many likes, comments, shares, and saves are attached to this post. If it’s a reel, you will also be shown how many times it has been played. While this won’t show you who saved your post, the metrics do reveal how much attention and engagement your Instagram post has received.


What Instagram metrics are the most important in marketing?

If you’re trying to monitor your Instagram account to see how your marketing strategy is working, all impressions are important. However, you should pay close attention to your follower growth, impressions, and your engagement rate, as well as click-throughs on any links in your bio or Instagram adverts.

How can I see my saved posts on Instagram?

If you want to access the posts that you have personally saved while scrolling, you can do this through your profile.

  • Open the menu.
  • Press the bookmark icon with the word ‘Saved’ beside it.

From here, you can see all of the posts you have saved.

Does Instagram save matter?

The save feature is among the most important forms of engagement when it comes to how successful your posts are. It also helps you understand how the algorithm treats your post.

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