What Are Impressions on Instagram?

There are so many stats and insights that you can unlock on Instagram, should you wish to. Of course, you…

There are so many stats and insights that you can unlock on Instagram, should you wish to.

Of course, you might be a user who is simply there for the fun of it. Instagram is a great tool for communicating with friends, sharing your memories, and finding funny memes that speak to you and your friendship group.

But if you are a brand, creator, or business using Instagram for growth and marketing – either of your business brand or personal brand – then impressions is one of the stats that you will want to know about.

Impressions is a stat which shows you the number of times that your content has been shown to users.

This is not the number of accounts / users reached with a single post – rather, it is the total number of times that your content has been played or shown (including replays, scroll backs, and more).

To put it simply, impressions is a figure which lets you know how many times your post or content has been on a user screen.

Let’s have a closer look at what this means and why it matters.

How Can ‘Impressions’ Be Used As a Useful Stat?

When you find out the impressions on a post, you are unlocking information about how many times that post has been viewed.

This doesn’t have to be unique viewers – the figure includes replays, even if they have taken place on the same account and even the same device.

Tracking this stat is a good way to determine how interested users are in your content; how often they go looking for it, and how visible your content really is on the newsfeed and on Discovery pages.

For example, if a user rewatches a reel that you’ve posted, or goes hunting for a post that you shared, that re-engagement will be tracked under your Impressions – granting you a higher impression rate as a result.

Comparing Impressions to Reach

While the reach of a post refers to the number of unique profiles it was seen by, impressions tracks this and also considers how many times each profile viewed the post.

Thus, impressions will always equate to, or surpass, reach.

Finding Your Impressions Count on Instagram

If you’re wondering what your impressions count is, you will need to manage either a business or a creator account in order to access this information.

If you have one of these professional accounts, then follow these steps to unlock the data.

  1. Head to your profile, then select ‘Professional dashboard’ which is a button just underneath your Instagram bio
    What Are Impressions on Instagram 1
  2. Under ‘Insights’ you will see a number of stats shown in figures and as a percentage. Click on ‘Accounts reached’
    What Are Impressions on Instagram 2
  3. In this subsection, you can see the accounts reached and the number of impressions that your account has had over the past 30 days. You can adjust this timescale using the dropdown date in the top left hand corner of the screen
    What Are Impressions on Instagram 3

Using all of this information, you can determine the type of posts that perform best, which time of day content is reaching the highest number of accounts and being viewed the most often, and even how your content continues to perform over time.

Note: Impressions will continue to change over time, while the reach of a post will likely wane as more time goes on.

We hope this helps you to understand some of the stats at your fingertips; making them easier to unlock and use as part of your strategy building!

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