How to Set Up Subscriptions on Instagram

If you run a creator account on Instagram, then the chances are that you’ve heard of, or even attempted to…

If you run a creator account on Instagram, then the chances are that you’ve heard of, or even attempted to find out more about, subscriptions on the platform.

Instagram subscriptions allow followers to sign up and pay a fee to access exclusive content from their favourite creators.

For creators, this allows them to monetise their presence on the platform and offer followers a monthly subscription which unlocks specific extra content that you create with them in mind.

Best of all, the prices are completely flexible, giving content creators the ability to charge anywhere from £0.99 up to £99.99 depending on the prominence of their profile and what they plan on sharing with subscribers.

In this article, we’re sharing some more on how to set these subscription systems up, along with tips on making it work to your benefit as a creator.

How Do Instagram Subscriptions Work?

From a user perspective, Instagram subscriptions are a monthly fee that is paid directly to a content creator whose exclusive content you want to be able to access and watch. Typically, a user will subscribe to an account that they are particularly interested in – for example, they might be an influencer in a specific industry that the user wants to learn more about, or they might share guides and how-to content in their subscription channel. In return, as well as the extra content, that user will also benefit from the addition of a subscriber badge next to their name – so that the creator knows they are a paying follower.

From a content creator perspective, adding Instagram subscriptions to your channel is a way of accessing a regular and recurring monthly payout from Instagram, in return for the extra content you develop and share to your most loyal followers.

5 Steps To Set Up Subscriptions As a Creator

  1. On the Professional Dashboard of your profile, select ‘Set Up Subscriptions’
    How to Set Up Subscriptions on Instagram
  2. Agree to all the terms and select ‘Next’ until you reach the price screen
  3. This is where you must dictate the set price for all subscribers (NOTE: All subscribers will pay the same, as there is no tier structure)
  4. Once you’re happy with the price, select ‘Publish’ then ‘Create’
  5. You’re now ready to start driving followers towards your Subscribe feature. You can do this by tapping ‘Notify Now’ to send followers an instant notification about your new subscription option.

And voila – it’s now time to start creating that exclusive content that will appeal to and keep your most dedicated followers interested in your profile!

The Benefits of Instagram Subscriptions For Creators

There are several reasons why Instagram subscriptions are such a popular concept for creators.

Not only do Instagram subscriptions allow creators to monetise their growing presence on Instagram and benefit from a regular income stream, but they also create an outlet through which you can share new content and develop better connections with your followers.

From a community outlook, having subscribers means that you can access your most loyal followers directly. When they interact with any of your content, you will see their profile picture next to a subscriber badge which lets you know that they are part of your closest community.

Finally, enabling Instagram subscriptions also lets you create subscriber chats and share live content with that exclusive community – again contributing towards that sense of your followers feeling more valued, and developing the kind of Instagram presence which feeds into continued success.

How to Boost Your Subscriber Numbers

If you launch an Instagram subscription and find the sign up is slow to take off, consider taking advantage of the Subscription Preview feature.

Through this, creators can select some of the best and most engaging content from their subscription feed and add it to an exclusive preview that all followers can see. This gives non-subscribers some insight into the kinds of content that your subscribers are accessing and can make the investment a no-brainer.

We hope this helps Instagram creators to take their profile to the next level and start building those engaged communities of committed followers.  

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