How to Unblock Instagram On a School Computer

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to catch up with your followers on Instagram during your lunch break at school,…

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to catch up with your followers on Instagram during your lunch break at school, only to find that the school has blocked the app across all computers.

While this may seem incredibly unfair (especially if you were only hoping to school on a lunch break), the reasons behind these school computer blocks are often motivated by safety and are in place to protect students.

Nonetheless, we agree it can be annoying – which is why we’ve created this article with a few tricks to try, which may help you to get around a blocked site…

Connect Via a Hotspot

You will often find that the computer itself has not got a block on Instagram, but rather the WiFi connection. What this means is that that when the computer is connected to the internet via the school’s WiFi, Instagram is inaccessible for students.

Disconnecting the device from the school WiFi and connecting via a mobile hotspot can be a way of bypassing the restriction for easy browsing. You can achieve this using your mobile device, by enabling mobile hotspot connectivity and then using the passcode on your mobile device to connect the computer.

Use a VPN

While VPN’s can slow down your internet connection, they are a good way to overcome restrictions – both imposed by your school and by international blocks which prevent our devices from being able to view and download certain programmes.

To use a VPN, choose a reliable service provider and download their application onto the device. You then launch the application and sign in, selecting a public server location from the list provided. You may also try a mobile hotspot – just be sure to avoid the school’s own WiFi.

Once connected, you can access Instagram via the app and benefit from the VPN disguising your IP address to bypass the restriction.

Try the website version!

This one’s a big of a long shot, but you could always try accessing Instagram via the website rather than the app.

This hack will only really work if your school hasn’t thought about the different ways that Instagram can be accessed – overlooking the connection between the smartphone or computer app, and the online website.

Try both to check that there is a block on both access points. If there is, then try one of the above tips – or simply access Instagram at home or via your own device.

We hope this helps. Often, school computer blocks are there for a good reason – but that doesn’t have to mean you shouldn’t be able to keep up with your friends when you want to!

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