How to Unblock Instagram on School Chromebook

Are school restrictions getting in the way of your scrolling time on Instagram? This tends to be implemented by schools…

Are school restrictions getting in the way of your scrolling time on Instagram?

This tends to be implemented by schools when they want to restrict students’ access to social media on school devices and in school time – reserving those devices for learning and access to educational resources instead.

But while accessing Instagram may be a little more time consuming on a school Chromebook, it’s not impossible! Here’s how to do it…

1. Connect Via a Mobile Hotspot

Oftentimes, the best way for a school to restrict access to sites like Instagram is to block the site on their WiFi. This means that when the Chromebook is connected to the internet via the school’s WiFi, social media and other restricted sites are blocked.

Disconnecting the device from WiFi and connecting via a mobile hotspot can be a way of bypassing the restriction for easy browsing.

2. Activate a Proxy

Connecting the device first to a third party proxy and then to Instagram can be another way to bypass any integrated restrictions – ensuring a smooth login and scrolling experience.

To do this, you need to visit a site which is dedicated to unblocking websites, then enter the Instagram URL, select ‘Random IP’ and click on ‘Surf’.

This enables the device to connect to websites which are unauthorised, by connecting through an unregistered IP address which acts as a middleman between Instagram and the school’s restricted network.

3. Use a VPN

While VPN’s can slow down your internet connection, they are a good way to overcome any Chromebook restrictions installed on a school device and allow access to Instagram.

To use a VPN, choose a reputable VPN service provider and download the application onto the device. You then launch the application and sign in, selecting a server location from the listed options – ideally selecting one which does not block Instagram, for example a public server.

Once connected, you can access Instagram via the app and benefit from the VPN disguising your IP address to bypass the restriction.

4. Have You Tried Both App and Website Models?

Believe it or not, some schools will restrict app access or website access – but overlook the other.

Instagram is so often associated with the smartphone app that you might just get away with your teachers not knowing enough about Instagram to realise there’s a website version! Use the Chrome browser to try accessing Instagram via its URL rather than through the app and see if this works.

It’s a long shot, but you never know!

We hope this helps to restore valuable scroll time in the middle of the school day!