How to Upload High Quality Videos to TikTok

With TikTok such a visual platform, built on a foundation of engaging video content and trending clips, the quality of…

With TikTok such a visual platform, built on a foundation of engaging video content and trending clips, the quality of the videos and content that you upload can make or break the success of your profile.

It is no longer difficult to capture and upload high quality videos. Modern devices give everyday users the power to capture crystal clear photos and clips on their own phones and devices, meaning that really there is no excuse for poor quality visuals.

But if you keep finding that your TikTok videos are a little blurry or out of focus, or you think the quality could be better, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re sharing expert tips and advice on how to ensure your TikTok videos are always high in quality.

Why Are My Videos Being Uploaded in Poor Quality?

There’s nothing more annoying than capturing a perfectly good video and then finding that when uploaded, it’s out of focus and blurry.

There are several reasons why this might happen:

  • A glitch at TikTok HQ which means your preview playback is showing the video in a bad quality
  • Your device is at capacity and does not have space for more high quality videos
  • You upload a video outside of TikTok’s recommended sizing
  • Your internet connection is poor and will not support the upload of a high quality video

Confused? Don’t worry, when have we ever outlined the problem and not provided a whole host of solutions?!

Upload Your Video in 1080p

1080p refers to the resolution and size of the video. TikTok will automatically compress any video outside of this sizing preference to 1080p, no matter how large or small the original file is.

Uploading the video in a 1080p size format will avoid TikTok compressing your video and therefore impacting its resolution and quality.

Know the Maximum Size on Your Device

Android and iPhone devices have their own maximum size limits for uploading high quality videos. On an Android device, this is 75MB. On an iPhone or IOS device, this is 250MB.

Again, if you don’t honour these size limitations then the app will likely compress your video – which may impact its quality.

Upload Your Video in the Right Dimensions

TikTok is an app which works on a vertical basis – that is, the way is presented uses a vertical screen. So, capturing your videos in this format and uploading them in the correct configuration is the best way to prevent TikTok from messing with your videos!

Activate TikTok’s Hd Option

Did you know that there is a TikTok setting that allows you to switch on an HD upload?

If you’re keen to always upload your videos in the highest possible quality, then accessing this mode is a no-brainer. To do so, follow these steps when uploading your next video…

  1. Create and upload your video as normal
  2. Tap ‘Next’ and then ‘More Options’ on the edit screen
  3. Switch on the toggle for ‘Upload HD’

This will have a significant impact on the quality of the videos that you upload.

Consider Using a Desktop

If you are really serious about the quality of your TikTok videos and you want to ensure that you are always uploading footage in the highest possible quality, then using a desktop will allow you to edit your video on a larger screen with better visibility.

The upload speed on a desktop tends to be more consistent which also helps with quality during the edit and upload process.

Why Uploading in a High Quality Matters

The long and short of it is that TikTok video quality matters, especially if you want your videos to be seen by a large audience with the chance of going viral.

When was the last time you saw a viral video that had a poor quality to its footage? Never, right?

The better the quality of your video, the more professional it looks – having a positive impact on your reputation across TikTok and on the level of trust that users have in your profile.

We hope this helps! Making sure that your videos are uploaded in a high quality is easy with the selection of tools and small changes outlined above. Happy creating!