What is The Best Way to Collaborate With Your Team When Publishing Instagram Stories From Hootsuite?

Do you manage or work with a team of social media specialists and creators? If so, you might find that…

Do you manage or work with a team of social media specialists and creators?

If so, you might find that using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite streamlines your posting and ensures that everyone is sticking to the same tone of voice, the same posting timeline, and the same style of content creation.

But what is the best way to deliver a truly collaborative strategy across your social team when posting stories?

If you use Hootsuite, then the answer is simple. Create a company login which grants access to each team member, allowing them to see the different posting streams, keep on top of comments and reactions, and view the posting calendar to check and see stories that are set to post at a later date.

The Benefit of Scheduling Instagram Stories On Hootsuite

Before we talk about the time-saving benefits of pre-scheduled content, one big thing to note is the limitation on story content.

An Instagram story appears for just 24 hours – which means that time really is of the essence when it comes to posting and reacting to that content.

Collaboration is important because you want to make sure that every member of your team is doing their bit to promote and broaden the reach of that story, from the moment it is posted.

Other benefits of scheduling stories via Hootsuite include:

  • Tapping into the best time to post a story for your audience, regardless of whether you are free to create and post at that time. This is because you can create the content at a time that suits you, and simply schedule it to be shared at the right time for your audience.
  • Create batches of stories that can be rolled out over a period of time, to maximise your work efficiency.
  • Access a plethora of editing tools when you create and schedule content outside of Instagram, allowing you to make your stories even more visually appealing and engaging.
  • Avoid the problem of typos and mistakes that can be made when rushing to create and share a story.
  • Post consistently, at the same time every day or on a regular basis. This makes your profile more reliable in the eyes of both Instagram itself and your followers.

Why Collaborate With Your Team?

If you work within a larger social media team, then you will find that collaboration is a big part of your day to day routine.

But are Instagram stories something that you can truly collaborate on?

In 2024, we would say yes – for one very clear reason. Social media, and Instagram stories in particular, are increasingly focussed on trending content and on bringing content on board which brings your team and brand closer to your target audience. Collaborating on stories means getting insight, footage, and input from team members across your company – delivering compelling content that everyone can see and get behind.

What’s more, with stories only appearing for 24 hours, you need the buy-in of your team members from the moment it is posted to really make sure your story packs a punch.

By scheduling it in advance and granting team members access to that pre-scheduled content via Hootsuite, you can ensure that your story is posting at the optimal time with full company backing to maximise its exposure within that 24 hour window.