Which of the Following is Not a Benefit of Publishing to Instagram Using Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a content management app which allows users to create and schedule posts for their different social platforms within…

Hootsuite is a content management app which allows users to create and schedule posts for their different social platforms within a single interface – tracking and monitoring engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps.

The benefits of publishing to Instagram using Hootsuite include the time saving element and the fact that users and account managers can sit down, create, and schedule big chunks of content in one go – safe in the knowledge that they can be scheduled for release at the best time for their audience.

In this article, we’re taking you through some of the benefits of using Hootsuite as a publishing partner – and identifying the commonly believed benefit which we don’t agree with!

The Benefits of Hootsuite

Where shall we start?

Hootsuite is a scheduling tool which lets you monitor multiple social streams on one screen. Via this, you can compare engagement and look at performance across a comprehensive cross-section of your online presence.

What’s more, Hootsuite delivers the convenience that comes from pre-scheduling content. Many business owners, creators, and even those who manage small and growing pages find that they are time poor and cannot afford to sit down, create, and share content at the best time for their audience. Hootsuite makes it easy to schedule content for the right publish time.

Hootsuite also has access to analytics and data to track performance. And you can program in any keywords and phrases that you want to look out for, making it a good tool to support social listening.

Finally, Hootsuite is good for team collaboration as a single profile can be accessed by a number of logins according to which level you pay to access.

What Hootsuite is NOT Good For…

While creating and scheduling vast chunks of content in advance is certainly good for time-poor account managers and business owners, not to mention creators and influencers, there is no major issue with this that many don’t consider.

Instagram is becoming increasingly focused on trends and on content ideas which come and go on a nearly daily basis.

You might save time by creating and uploading content in advance, but in reality, this can mean that you miss lots of opportunities to deliver engaging and shareable content that could boost your profile.

This is not the be-all-and-end-all and may be a small price to pay in exchange for the convenience of being able to write and schedule content well in advance of posting. But it is worth considering especially if you want to build a profile and community that grows and engages consistently.

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