What Is TikTok Subscription?

There are a number of ways that TikTok creators can monetise their content and generate an income from the social…

There are a number of ways that TikTok creators can monetise their content and generate an income from the social media platform.

With gifts available through live streams and TikTok creator funding available to those with exceptionally high visibility, the top creators can earn income from their followers and fans, as well as from the app itself.

In this article, we’re focussing on one particularly lucrative stream of income – the TikTok subscription service – and how it works.

What Is TikTok’s Subscription Service All About?

TikTok’s subscription service is known as TikTok LIVE subscription. It is a way for fans to sign up and pay their favourite creators a regular fee called a subscription. In return, they get access to exclusive Live content as well as the chance to support their favourite creator.

The subscription works by creating a space on the TikTok platform where creators and fans can interact authentically. The perks for subscribers are largely set by the creator – however, there are some additional features including a subscriber badge that other followers will see during a Live stream.

Some popular creator-managed perks include subscriber-only chats, subscriber-only videos, and live streams which are exclusively for subscribers.

In short, it’s a great way for users to get more access to their favourite creator – with the creator benefitting from guaranteed income and support.

How to Activate a Subscription Service

In order to be eligible for the TikTok LIVE subscription service, creators need to have at least 1,000 followers and be over the age of 18 years.

They also need to be active on live streams already, with at least 30 minutes of live stream content having gone out in the 28 days leading up to the launch and application date of their subscription service.

Once the service is active, followers and fans can become subscribers by visiting the creator’s profile and selecting the LIVE subscription button. They can choose to pay for a single month or sign up for an auto-renewal, with the latter the best way to deliver long term and sustainable support to creators.

The value of subscribers for creators in particular is huge and is something that more and more TikTok creators are striving for through their content. We hope that this introduction helps you to understand the benefits of the subscription service and how it could help you to grow your profile as a creator.