When to Post Reels On Instagram

A Reel is a piece of content which is generally set to music or some kind of soundtrack, connecting images…

A Reel is a piece of content which is generally set to music or some kind of soundtrack, connecting images and/or video clips together in a compilation.

Reels are not long but rather short form pieces of content, which are incredibly shareable and are often used to piggyback onto trends and viral video styles.

To cut a long story short, reels are highly engaging snippets of content which are designed to entertain users and introduce them to your brand or profile in a playful way. Which makes deciding when exactly to share them quite difficult to pinpoint.

Why It’s Difficult To Define The Best Time To Post a Reel

With reels designed to connect users with brands and other accounts, the best time to post will depend on the target audience rather than an overriding rule or algorithm.

This is why knowing your Instagram audience is so important ahead of posting, so that you can share the content that they want to see, at a time that they will be most likely to engage.

A Beginners Guide To Reel Posting

Of course, if you are brand new to Instagram or to reels and you simply want to get started with your posting, then we’ve pulled together a few beginner tips.

The first and most important tip is to post early when the competition is low. Studies have been carried out to determine the best time of day to post a reel, concluding that early morning is the time when your reels are least likely to face stiff competition.

The other tip is to post reels consistently, sharing them alongside keywords and hashtags which support your strategy.

Posting reels is a great way to connect with and engage your audience, inspiring them and demonstrating your creative and personable side. But getting the timing right means knowing your audience and understanding when they are most active. The more research you can do into your target audience, the better your strategy will be.