How to Post Reels on Instagram Story Without Posting on Feed

To understand the (slightly complex) answer to this question, you first need to understand that your profile has a couple…

To understand the (slightly complex) answer to this question, you first need to understand that your profile has a couple of different grid feeds – including your main grid, your tagged posts grid, and your reels grid.

When you post a reel normally, it will appear in your main grid feed and your reels feed. If you choose to hide it from your main feed, however, it will still appear in your reels feed.

This enables you to then post that reel onto your Instagram story without it appearing in your main newsfeed.

Keep reading to find out exactly how this works and how to share on your story while avoiding that main grid feed.

How to Stop a Reel From Posting on Your Main Feed

When you share a reel on Instagram, it will inevitably end up in your reels feed.

However, you can stop it from being posted on your main grid feed by simply removing the toggle which states ‘Also Share to Feed’ just before posting.

This means that when you share your reel, it will only be seen in the reels section of your profile rather than your main headline feed.

Alternatively, you can remove a reel that you have already posted from your grid, by clicking on the three dots in the top right hand corner of your reel and selecting ‘Remove from Profile Grid’. This will not delete the reel or affect any of its engagement, but it will remove that post from your grid.

How to Share a Reel to Your Story

Once you’ve created a reel, you will be able to find it by navigating to your profile page and selecting on the reels icon along the top of your grid.

Identify the reel that you want to share to your story and click on the share button (indicated by the paper airplane icon). Select ‘Add to Story’ and then edit your story as you choose.

When complete, you can share your story as normal – with followers able to click on the reel in your story to full the view content on full screen mode.

Why Remove a Reel From Your Grid?

Before we go, a quick question that we’ve been asked a few times – and that’s why bother?

Mostly, you will find that brands and creators are the ones who want to remove or hide a reel from their grid feed – mainly because they worry it will disturb or interrupt the carefully curated aesthetic that they’ve built for their profile.

Other reasons for hiding reels from the grid feed include sharing content which is on-trend but unrelated to the brand or creator profile, and a desire to keep your grid balances and consistent while still being able to share engaging reels for your most active followers.

We hope that this article helps you to curate and design an Instagram profile to support your goals – whether or not that means reels in the main grid feed!

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