Who Makes the Most Money on TikTok?

TikTok has become one of the most engaging, interactive, and successful social media platforms in the world – with its…

TikTok has become one of the most engaging, interactive, and successful social media platforms in the world – with its creators known both inside and outside the app.

So, who earns the most and has built the most successful and sustainable career from their online success?

Before we dive into who makes the most money on TikTok, it’s worth noting that the app is not known for being a great source of income. Even with the TikTok Creators Fund and the receipt of gifts via Live Streams, once TikTok has taken its commission fee and converted gifts into diamonds and then real money, the resulting pay check is not high.

Which is why making money on TikTok has become a game of variation.

The Highest Paid TikTok Star

The highest paid creator on TikTok is currently Khabane Lame, who is said to make around $258,900 on every post that he shares.

The creator, who has made a name for himself creating and sharing comedy videos which poke holes in, and make fun of, life hack clips and videos, has beaten out other famous TikTok users including Charli D’Amelio (in second place) and the iconic MrBeast (in third place).

How Do TikTok Users Make Money on the App?

With all that in mind, how exactly do TikTok creators make their money?

  • The Creator Fund is something that most TikTok users have heard of or are aware of. It’s an exclusive community for creators with over 100,000 real followers (not bots) – and is pitched as a reward system for those who generate high engagement with every video. It is not, however, particularly lucrative with creator that they receive between $0.02 and $0.03 per thousand views on their videos.
  • The opportunity to earn through TikTok ads was first released in 2022. This initiative sees influencers and creators able to work alongside companies, earning 50% of the ad revenue by appearing in the advert on behalf of the company. This taps into the benefit and value of influencer marketing and creates a shared earning opportunity for the creator.
  • TikTok gifts are among the most recognised sources of income on TikTok. When a creator has over 1,000 followers, they can start to host Live Streams and receive gifts from their followers – turning these gifts into TikTok diamonds which are then converted into real money.
  • Earning through sponsorship is another way that creators, especially those that are known in specific industries and circles, can earn an income on TikTok. Via this channel, creators become sponsored by brands and are paid to advertise their products or services. The money that the creator earns is impacted by the reach of their advertising videos and the conversion rate linked to their content.

It is only through a combination of all of these outlets that TikTok creators can earn a sustainable wage from the platform. In order to unlock any of the above, and to earn enough to rival those in the top three spots as TikTok’s highest paid creators, you need to first focus on building a profile and a name for yourself on the app.

We hope this helps – and inspires you!