Why Don’t I Get Notifications From Instagram?

Are you the kind of user who wants to know what’s happening on Instagram whether you’re using the app or…

Are you the kind of user who wants to know what’s happening on Instagram whether you’re using the app or not?

Or do you prefer to save your notifications and interactions for time spent directly on the app?

Instagram notifications can be turned on and off depending on your preference and the kind of user you are – from letting you know every time someone likes a post, to informing you of new followers and DM’s. 

What’s more, with both in-app notifications and device notifications available, users really can control how they view and receive updates from across Instagram. 

In short, if you aren’t getting notifications from Instagram, then the chances are that your notifications are turned off. Here’s how to differentiate between in-app and device updates, and how to switch notifications back on across both tools. 

The Difference Between In-App and Device Notifications

An in-app notification is one which is seen in the heart outline on your home screen.

A red dot inside the heart outline lets you know that you have received a new notification, be it a like or comment on your post, interaction with your story, or a follower request. Similarly, DM notifications are available in the same way when you’re logged into the app, in the form of a number displayed on top of the paper airplane icon on the homepage. 

If you aren’t seeing these notifications, then the chances are that your notifications have been paused from within the app settings. More on how to reverse this in the next section. 

A device notification displays Instagram updates like a text or new WhatsApp message. 

If you have notifications from Instagram switched on for your device, then any comments, likes, follows, or other interactions will appear on your device home screen as notifications. 

If you aren’t seeing these notifications then you will need to adjust the notification settings for your device, controlling how Instagram updates are displayed.

How to Switch On In-App Notifications

So, how do you turn on the notifications that let you know about updated activity from inside the app?

  1. On your profile page, click on the menu button in the top right hand corner of the screen
  2. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’
  3. Select ‘Notifications’

This will bring up a whole selection of different notification that you can control and adjust according to your own user preference. 

‘Pause All’ is an option through which you can pause the receipt of all notifications, while ‘Quiet Mode’ allows you to specifically set times in which you want to halt notifications. 

Beyond that, clicking into each specific section allows you to adjust the notification settings. For example, you can choose which interactions you receive notifications for, and even whether you are only notified about accounts you follow or about a broader selection of all users. 

NOTE: You may see some small print at the top of the screen inviting you to turn on notifications for Instagram on your device, so that they are visible for your lock screen. A clickable link underneath this message will take you to your device settings to enable this, or you can follow the below steps. 

How to Switch On Device Notifications

If you want to know what’s happening on Instagram even when you’re not using the app, you need to turn on the Instagram notifications in your device settings. 

  1. Head to your device settings
  2. Click on ‘Notifications’
  3. Scroll down the list of apps until you find Instagram
  4. If the ‘Allow Notifications’ button is off, then you won’t receive any updates on your lock screen or outside of the app. Switch this toggle button on to activate notifications

And there you have it! With in-app and device notifications, you’ll never miss a comment or a new follower again!