Why Instagram?

How long have you got? This is one of those questions with so many different answers and perspective that we…

How long have you got?

This is one of those questions with so many different answers and perspective that we really could be here all day… so we’re going to keep it really simple and outline just some of the main benefits of having an Instagram account.

What is Instagram and How Does It Work?

Instagram launched in 2010 as a primarily visual app. The idea was to give user a platform from which to share photos and image updates with their friends – like Facebook but exclusively for photo sharing (with captions).

Over time, brands and businesses have established an incredible presence on the platform, and Instagram influencers and creators have carved out a whole new industry and market which is built around the use of Instagram for profile growth and fame.

Similarly, private users can use Instagram as a platform to stay connected with friends and family members, and to discover ideas and inspiration, new brands, and notable names in industries that they are interested in.

Instagram has become an app which relies on community and on the power of discovering new things, places, and people via the valuable Explore page. Using information relating to existing and past searches, friends and followers, and things that you engage with, Instagram makes suggestions for things that the app thinks you will like and uses its algorithm and recommend content and users to follow and engage with.

Why Use Instagram As a Business?

Instagram is great for businesses because it gives them a platform on which to showcase their more relatable and personable side.

It is an app which lends itself to brands that want to nurture and create a community in their industry or corner of the market, with tools which feed customer service as well as marketing, promotion, and more.

The app can also be tailored to businesses through a professional dashboard, which gives business account holders even more information and insight into how their content performs, who their audience is, and how to reach specific demographics.

Why Use Instagram As a Creator / Influencer?

As a creator or budding influencer, Instagram is a place that combines inspiration with information; guides with tips; adverts with ideas. Once you find the topic that you want to grow a profile alongside, or a niche that you are interested in slotting into, Instagram gives you easy access to the content that’s already out there, and communities that are just waiting for someone like you.

Instagram has the platform and the power to make your content go viral, provided you are able to quickly adapt to trends and changes on the platform and create content which responds to topics and concepts that are popular in the moment.

What’s more, because the app is very heavy on collaboration and the impact of the Discover and Explore page, it’s really easy for creators to strike up relationships with brands and notable names in their niche industry, and start building content which appeals to a specific audience.

The high reliance on search means that users are well attuned to the value of searching for content that interests them the most.

Finally, as mentioned in the previous section, Instagram supports the use of data to bolster your presence and use of the platform as a creator, giving you access to insight and tons of tools to further promote your profile.

Why Use Instagram As a Private User?

This is where Instagram is all about simply sharing images and photos among friends. While this remains a core function of Instagram for private users, we are seeing more and more users relying on the app for inspiration and guidance on everything from gardening to wedding planning, interior décor, and more.

This makes Instagram a valuable part of the modern lifestyle.

To conclude, there are countless reasons to choose Instagram – regardless of whether you are a business, influencer, small brand, or private user. What do you love most about the app?