Why Is My TikTok Under Review?

Sometimes your TikTok video will upload instantly to TikTok, while other times it will be sent for review. What this…

Sometimes your TikTok video will upload instantly to TikTok, while other times it will be sent for review.

What this means is that your upload will be delayed, while TikTok reviews the content to determine whether the video falls within TikTok’s content guidelines.

But contrary to popular belief, the reason behind your video being sent for review could be good or bad.

  • If your TikTok video is marked as under review, the chances are that TikTok acknowledges you have a particularly good following, with videos which get a high number of views and interactions.
  • If you don’t have a notable following though, then it’s more likely a previous video you’ve shared has been reported.

The idea behind sending TikTok videos for review is to keep the app as clean and clear as possible, protecting users from content which may be deemed offensive or in violation of user guidelines. If your content has been reported in the past, TikTok will be particularly drawn to any new videos that you post, in order to make sure that the videos you upload are appropriate for the platform’s audience.

Can Uploaded Videos Be Sent to Review?

Did you know that videos which have already been uploaded can also be sent for review?

This tends to occur when a video is close to the boundaries of what is deemed appropriate by the app. Any video which borders on violating one of the community guidelines will be sent for review – regardless of how long it has been up on the platform.

If someone reports your video, then the chances of this happening increase – with the number of reports having an impact on how quickly the video is sent to review.

How to Know if a Video Is Under Review

While TikTok will not directly inform you that a video is ‘Under Review’, you will see the review notice attached to any video which you try and visit.

If you are particularly used to a high level of engagement on your posts, then it’s likely that you will spot a lack of notifications first.

Wondering what violations will push your video into a review list?

Here are the most popular and commonly recognised causes of a video being sent for review…

  • The video violates community guidelines
  • The video has been stolen from another user without proper crediting
  • The video contains adult content or nudity
  • The video contains violence
  • The account or video that has been posted is recognised by TikTok as spam

Familiarising yourself with this list can and should help you to avoid the most common pitfalls of TikTok users, to keep your video upload process as quick and seamless as possible.

We hope this helps! Remember that the review process is there to help keep TikTok as safe for users as possible – and isn’t always a bad thing!