Why Won’t My Instagram Update?

Instagram is the world’s leading social media app, with over 547 million downloads in 2022 alone. Although the social network…

Instagram is the world’s leading social media app, with over 547 million downloads in 2022 alone. Although the social network has a web version, many people prefer the app instead. After all, the mobile version offers more features than the web version, without any of the limitations or restrictions.

With the app, you keep tabs on the latest trends and catch up with your friends on the go. You can share your videos and photos, view content from others, and chat with your acquaintances from anywhere, provided you have your phone. Besides, it is fast, safe, and convenient, ensuring a fulfilling user experience.

To keep up this quality, Instagram consistently releases new features, security updates, and compatibility tweaks to improve your experience. Updating the app is the only way to access these changes. Unfortunately, some people might have challenges updating the app, denying them access to new creative tools and innovative features. Worse yet, keeping an older version of the app long-term can lead to security concerns and issues with basic compatibility.

So, why won’t my Instagram update?

This post explains why your app may be failing to update. It also explores how to fix the problem, so you can get back to enjoying your social media space. Let’s dive in.

How to Update Your Instagram App

Updating your Instagram app doesn’t have to be complex. Android phones support Instagram auto-updates. In contrast, you may have to update the app manually on your iPhone. Here’s how to go about it:

Manually Updating Instagram on Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android
  2. Type Instagram in the search bar
  3. Tap the Instagram app in Google Play Store
  4. Tap the Update button next to Instagram

Manually Updating Instagram on iPhone

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone
  2. Tap Search in the bottom-right
  3. Type Instagram in the search bar
  4. Tap the Update button next to Instagram

Setting up Auto-Updates on Android

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android
  2. Log into your Instagram account
  3. Tap the profile icon at the lower-right corner to go to your profile
  4. Tap the More button in the top-right corner
  5. Tap Settings And Privacy
  6. Tap About
  7. Tap App Updates
  8. Tap the slider next to Auto-Update Instagram to turn it on

If the App updates option is unavailable:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings
  2. Tap App Manager
  3. Tap Meta App Installer
  4. Tap Enable to activate App Updates

Note: You must install the Meta App Manager on Android to enable automatic Instagram updates.

Why Won’t My Instagram Update to The New Version 2023?

If your app isn’t performing as it should or you notice an update announcement with a different version than what you have, you may wonder, “Why is my Instagram not updated?”

There are several reasons you might have challenges updating your Instagram. Knowing the causes of this error can help you fix the problem quickly.

Internet Connection Issues

Your Instagram app might not update because of a slow or poor internet connection. You need a fast, stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to download the latest Instagram version. If your connection keeps dropping, you might experience issues updating the app.

Ensure you are within range or your cellular plan is active to upgrade your app. Go to your phone’s network settings to check if your internet connection is active. You may have to turn it off and on again to reset your connection.

Insufficient Storage

All apps take up space in your device’s storage. Other apps and files might usurp your phone’s storage, causing update issues. The app might not update if your phone has insufficient storage space.

The quickest way to fix this problem is to uninstall or delete unwanted apps and files. Go to your phone’s settings and tap storage to check available space. Alternatively, install an external memory card on your phone and transfer the extra files to the card to create space for the update.

Inadequate RAM

Your phone is like a mini-computer. It has a processor, RAM, storage, and operating system. The apps on your phone consume RAM to meet their performance needs. If the RAM is too low, some apps like Instagram and Facebook could malfunction, making it impossible to update them. To solve this problem, close background apps to free up the phone’s memory. Tap your phone’s App Manager to see and stop non-essential apps.

Outdated Firmware

Sometimes, your Instagram won’t update because of your phone’s firmware issues. Your phone requires frequent updates to correct minor bugs and optimize its performance. You might not update your Instagram app if the phone’s software is outdated. Ensure your device has the latest firmware version before updating the Instagram app. Go to System Settings and tap About to see if your phone has the latest firmware.

Incompatible OS

The Instagram app has varying system specifications for different devices. The app might not update if your device does not meet the minimum OS requirements. The latest updates often have higher system requirements and might not work on older phones. The app requires iOS 14 or later for iPhones and Android 2.2 for Android devices. Consider upgrading your phone to solve update issues.

App Store Cache Issues

Google Play Store and Apple App Stores are apps on their own. Like other smartphone apps, they store application data and cached data temporarily on your device. The cache memory might build up over time, causing your app stores to malfunction and fail to update your Instagram. The only way to solve this problem is to clear the cached data. Here’s how to do it:

Google Play Store

  1. Go to your mobile’s Settings app
  2. Tap Apps & Notifications
  3. Tap See All Apps (App Info)
  4. Tap Google Play Services
  5. Tap Storage
  6. Tap Clear Cache
  7. Tap Clear Storage
  8. Tap Clear All Data
  9. Tap OK

Apple App Store

  1. Double-tap the Home button on your iPhone or swipe up the screen
  2. Swipe right to go to the Apple App Store app
  3. Swipe the App Store app to refresh it
  4. Exit the Apple App Store app

App Store Account Issues

Your Instagram app might not update because of App Store account issues. You must log in to your Google or Apple account to access updates on the store. To fix this problem, log out of your device’s App Store and back in again. Alternatively, remove and re-add your Google or Apple account through your device’s settings.

Google Account

  1. Go to your device’s Settings app
  2. Tap Users & Accounts or Passwords & Accounts
  3. Tap the account you want to remove
  4. Tap Remove Account
  5. Tap Remove Account again to confirm
  6. Enter your phone’s security key or pattern
  7. Go back to Users & Accounts
  8. Tap Add Account
  9. Sign in to your Google account to add it back

Apple Account

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap your name at the top
  3. Scroll down and tap Sign Out
  4. Enter your Apple ID password to confirm
  5. Go back to the Settings app
  6. Tap the Sign In prompt
  7. Enter your Apple ID and password

Misconfigured Device Settings

Misconfigured device settings can block your phone from updating the Instagram app. Some phones have extra security features that control all app downloads and updates. Since it might be hard to tell which setting is causing this issue, consider resetting your device to factory defaults. You may have to install your apps afresh. The good news is that you’ll get the latest Instagram update with your new installations.

Software Bugs and Glitches

Like all electronics, your phone might develop bugs and glitches, causing it not to update your Instagram app. These software bugs often emanate from overuse, electrostatic buildup, memory issues, or corrupt files. Fortunately, you can correct bugs by restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work, restore your device to factory defaults and install the latest Instagram update.

Disabled Auto-Updates

You might experience update issues on Instagram because of relying on auto-updates. The app cannot automatically update until you enable auto updates on your device. The quickest way to solve this issue is to turn on automatic updates in Google Play Store or Apple App Store settings, or update the app manually.

Geographical Restrictions

Instagram might not update because of geographical restrictions. Some updates are only available in specific regions. For instance, the recent update with the Instagram checkout feature is only available in the U.S. and remains unavailable in Europe, Asia, and other areas. Even if you manage to update your app, you might not access this feature.

Delayed Update

You might be trying to update your Instagram, but the update is still unavailable. Delayed updates are normal. Instagram usually releases updates in phases, since some features might still be under development. It is just a matter of time before you can access the latest update.

Unavailable Updates

Sometimes, your Instagram won’t update because your device already has the current version. If auto-updates are active, it’s far more likely that your device has the latest version.

Before you try to update your Instagram, you may have to check for available updates. Here are the steps:


  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android
  2. Type Instagram in the search bar
  3. Tap the Instagram app in Google Play Store
  4. If an update is available, you’ll see the Update button next to Instagram
  5. If the button says “Open,” your Instagram app is up to date


  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android
  2. Tap your profile photo on Google Play Store in the upper right corner
  3. Tap Manage Apps And Device
  4. Tap Updates Available
  5. Scroll down to check if Instagram needs updating


  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone
  2. Tap Search in the bottom-right
  3. Type Instagram in the search bar
  4. You’ll see an Update button next to Instagram if it needs updating


  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top
  3. Scroll down to see pending updates
  4. You’ll see an Update button next to Instagram if it needs updating

Incorrect Date and Time Settings

Most devices automatically update the time when connected to a cellular network or internet router. However, this might not always be the case. Erroneous date and time settings can cause Instagram not to update. Some app certificates require the correct date and time settings to download files from the internet. Check your phone time and date settings and adjust them accordingly.

Modded Instagram Version

Instagram might fail to update because you are trying to update a modded version of the original app. Instagram mods such as Instagram ++, GB Instagram, and Instander are reworked third-party apps unavailable on mainstream app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You cannot update them the conventional way. You’ll have to visit a third-party website to update the modded version.

Device Failure

But why isn’t my Instagram updated after following the above tips? Well, if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, your device itself likely has a problem. Hardware or software problems can cause your device to fail, leading to failed updates as a result. Before updating the app, have your phone checked by a professional to solve pending issues.

The Top Reasons to Update Your Instagram App

If your Instagram app won’t update, you may consider just leaving it how it is. This isn’t a good choice, however. Here’s why you need to update the app.

Access the Latest Features

As mentioned above, Instagram releases new tools and features periodically, which may not be accessible in older app versions. Updating the app is the only way to access these new and innovative tools and features.

Fix Bugs & Glitches

Even though app developers often employ testers to try newly-released applications, no mobile app is 100% perfect, and the Instagram app is no exception. Your app might freeze unexpectedly or miss critical features resulting from these software bugs. The latest updates come with fixes for these bugs and glitches, ensuring an error-free experience.

Improve Performance

App developers consider various factors such as navigation, memory and storage requirements, user experience, layout, and access to features. The ideal app should be easy to use and navigate. The user layout should be such that the main features are easily accessible. The only way to integrate these changes, enhance app stability, and improve performance is via subsequent app updates.

Enhance Security

Social media platforms are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Instagram updates usually include the latest security patches to mitigate the risks of hacking, malware attacks, phishing, spyware, data breaches, and impersonation. The latest Instagram app updates, for example, have implemented a requirement for users to verify their accounts via email or text before performing drastic actions like permanently deleting posts.


Must I uninstall the current Instagram app to update it?

No. You don’t have to uninstall your Instagram app before updating. An update upgrades the current app to the latest version without requiring a clean installation. However, you may sometimes need to uninstall the app if you are facing challenges updating that app.

Do I have to pay to update my Instagram app?

No. The Instagram app is available for free. Whether updating from Google Play Store or the Apple Store, you don’t have to pay anything to get the update. Moreover, no plans exist to charge Instagram users to access the app.

How long does it take to update the Instagram app?

The duration it takes to update the Instagram app depends on several factors, such as the file update size, your phone’s specs, and your internet connection speed. If the file is large, updating the app might take some time. Smartphones with high-end specs download files faster, taking less time to update. If your connection speed is slow, you might wait longer to update the app.