How to Get Instagram ++

Whether you want to send a photo to your friend, share a story of your recent party, or shop the…

Whether you want to send a photo to your friend, share a story of your recent party, or shop the latest trends, Instagram has got you covered. The social network has many exciting features to help you discover new content and express yourself in one of the best modern ways.

Hardly a month passes before you hear Instagram has dropped a new feature or enhancement. These developments explain why over 66% of social media marketers say they’ll increase their Instagram usage in the near future.

As exciting as it sounds, Instagram still has a few limitations. For instance, you can’t download photos or videos directly to your local storage or repost stories if you aren’t tagged. To overcome these issues, some people opt for modded Instagram versions. One popular app is Instagram ++ (Instagram Plus).

If you are tired of Instagram’s minor restrictions, you can experiment with the modded app and discover what it offers. Here’s how to get Instagram ++.

What is Instagram ++?

Before you can decide if Instagram ++ is right for you, it’s worth learning what the app is all about. Instagram ++ is a modded version of the original Instagram app. In other words, it’s a reworked or modified copy of the original app with added features and enhancements.

The essence of the Instagram ++ app is to overcome the limitations of the original version to give you a more fulfilling experience. It provides users with access to features not available on Instagram in its current form.

While you can use Instagram ++ to access your Instagram account, Instagram does not endorse it as an alternative. Instagram wants you to continue using their app and does not recommend the use of third-party apps.

Instagram ++ remains a third-party app, only available on particular websites. You can’t find the downloadable APK file on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Even still, some people turn to it as a helpful alternative or addition to their Instagram experience.

Instagram ++ Features

Instagram ++ has exciting features and enhancements that can help you better enjoy your presence on the social media network. The following features are unavailable on the original version.

With the Instagram ++ app, you can:

  • Download photos and videos to your device
  • Download Instagram stories
  • Repost photos and videos from other Instagram users without being tagged
  • Switch between grid and list view
  • Zoom in on profile pictures
  • Show captions when zooming photos
  • Download audio from Instagram posts and videos
  • Hide comments on your timeline
  • Reshare photos and videos with other third-party apps
  • View Instagram stories anonymously
  • Read your chat messages anonymously
  • Boost your profile to gain followers
  • Switch between and view Instagram in various languages, including Arabic
  • Customize your Instagram theme

How to Get Instagram ++

Previously, the app was only available for Android, but it is now available for iOS devices.

You can get Instagram ++ by simply searching on Google or your preferred search engine. Examples of sites offering Instagram ++ include:

Here’s how to get Instagram ++ from these sites:

  1. Open a web browser on your mobile device
  2. Open Google or any search engine
  3. Type in Instagram ++ or Instagram ++ for iOS
  4. Click a link from the search results
  5. Download the Instagram ++ app file onto your device

How to Install Instagram ++

Before installing Instagram ++, you must uninstall the original version of the Instagram app from your device. This is to prevent app conflicts. Both apps work similarly, meaning having both on your device can cause issues.

In iPhone, you will need an additional app like AppValley or Cydia to make installation possible. Either will offer prompts for how to perform the custom install.

To install the Instagram ++ app on Android:

  1. Go to the download folder on your device
  2. Tap the downloaded app file
  3. Install Instagram ++ on your device
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation

How to Sign Up for Instagram ++

You don’t need to sign up afresh if you already have an Instagram account. The modded Instagram ++ works the same way as the original version. It even has a login page similar to the original Instagram app. You only need to enter your login credentials to access your Instagram account.


Is Instagram ++ safe?

The Instagram ++ app is relatively safe. Hundreds of thousands use modded Instagram apps like Instagram ++ without issues. However, it’s recommended that you still remain vigilant, since Instagram ++ is a third-party app. Like most third-party apps, Instagram ++ might request access to your private data and, since it is not as strictly regulated as the original Instagram app, this may potentially lead to infringements on your privacy.

Is my Instagram account at risk if I use the Instagram ++ app?

Your original Instagram account is not at risk when using the Instagram ++ app. Although Instagram has guidelines on third-party apps, the platform does not restrict people from using third-party apps like Instagram ++. The problem comes in if you use the app to an unfair advantage. Your account risks a suspension or a ban if you use Instagram ++ to gain likes and more followers.

Can Instagram systems detect if I use the Instagram ++ app?

Instagram cannot tell if you are using the Instagram ++ app if you don’t violate any guidelines. The system can only detect unusual activities, such as quickly gaining thousands of followers or accumulating numerous likes on your posts. Instagram may limit certain aspects of your account or suspend your account for a specific period in these cases.

Why is Instagram ++ not on Google Play or Apple App Store?

The application is not on any mainstream app stores, because it does not comply with the minimum rules required by Google or Apple. New mobile applications must meet various eligibility and safety requirements for publishing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Why shouldn’t I use the Instagram ++ app?

Instagram ++ can be a lifesaver if you want to download content from Instagram quickly, zoom in on profile photos, and switch between grid and list. However, it is not ideal for credible businesses with a solid marketing blueprint. Since it is a third-party app, using it to gain followers or boost engagement can jeopardize your account. Instagram might suspend or ban your account if you continue to use the Instagram ++ app.