How to Add Space in Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is arguably the most important part of your profile, informing users of who you are and what…

Your Instagram bio is arguably the most important part of your profile, informing users of who you are and what you are all about – whether as a creator, business, or private user.

Acting as a sort of shop window for your profile, it is in the bio that you can let users know the most important things about yourself and how you use the app. But as is so often the case across social media channels, the Instagram bio comes with some limitations; in this case the number of characters you can add, and which elements are clickable.

Before we share a quite guide on how to add space to your bio and format it correctly, a few things to note about the Instagram bio…

Top Tips For Your Instagram Bio

  • You cannot add URL links to your Instagram bio copy. Instead, use the link button below to add a link tree to all the relevant links for your profile and business or brand.
  • You can tag other pages and users in your Instagram bio – making it an ideal place to connect your other accounts.
  • Adding emojis is an easy way of injecting personality – after all, an image or a picture really does speak 1000 words!

How to Add Space and Formatting To Your Instagram Bio

This is where it gets a little more complicated.

When you edit your bio on Instagram, the box and screen that you type your bio into is not an accurate reflection of how it will be presented.

The best way to ensure you get the right layout and amount of space in your bio is to keep saving and returning to your profile view to see how your spacing translates into the profile bio box.

To add spaces in between the lines of your bio…

  1. Type the copy you want to add
  2. To move a line down, hit return on your device keyboard. This will push the line down a row.

However, completely blank lines and spaces are not honoured on an Instagram bio. Instead, you need to hit return and add an emoji or a character to populate the line.

Typically, users add an emoji which mimics their business tone of voice, or a simple dot to separate the lines out and create clean and clear formatting.

It is important to note here that each time you hit return, another character is used from your character limit – so add spaces sparingly and use trial and error to achieve the right balance.

The final thing to note with spacing in your Instagram bio is that only the top few lines will show – with anything below that hidden behind a ‘Read More’ button that users will need to cleck to read your full bio. Because of this, make sure that the first couple of lines deliver the most impact!

Creating the perfect bio is an important step in curating your profile – and can make or break the delivery of your brand and brand personality. Take the time to format and frame your copy effectively!