How to Get Filters Back On Instagram

Instagram filters are a tool synonymous with the social media platform, enabling users to finetune, finesse, and perfect their photos…

Instagram filters are a tool synonymous with the social media platform, enabling users to finetune, finesse, and perfect their photos and videos to their heart’s content.

Filters have become so much a part of the Instagram experience, that certain trends have been built off the back of “unfiltered” content – spurning fundraisers to greater heights and becoming a core part of the movement to strip image sharing back to what’s “natural”.

Nonetheless, whenever filters disappear or are exchanged out for new ones, Instagram receives a barrage of questions and complaints. Here’s how to ensure you never lose access to Instagram filters again.

Why Do Filters Disappear?

Generally, if Instagram filters disappear it’s because something has gone wrong – either at Instagram HQ or specifically within your app.

Some of the most common causes include:

  • You’re running an old or outdated version of the app
  • Your device doesn’t support the use of filters
  • Your Instagram app is full of unnecessary data
  • The app itself is suffering from performance issues

Finally, consider whether your device screen may be too bright or too dull to really showcase the effect of the filter. It could be that the filter is working fine but your screen is not properly displaying it.

Where To Access Instagram Filters

You are offered a chance to add filters to your content across all of the platform’s different streams – be it in creating a story or sharing an existing post. The beauty of modern filters is that there are so many available, you can simply enhance or completely transform your image or video.

Most users will find that they have favourite filters, though advanced editing allows you to further highlight and add shadow to different elements of an image as preferred.

How to Fix Instagram Filters

If you can’t find the filters on your device or app, there are several things you can try.

  1. Clear your Instagram app cache. This essentially means clearing out the data storage which is responsible for running the app. You can do this within the security settings of your app, by clearing your search history.
  2. Restart the app. This will give the app a chance to reset and try again.
  3. Delete and reinstall / update the app. Making sure that you are using the latest version of Instagram is an important step in optimising functionality.
  4. Let Instagram support know if you are experiencing prolonged issues that won’t go away.
  5. Upgrade your device! Not in everyone’s budgets, but sometimes needs must!

Hopefully this will help to get your filters back up and running, and perfect your images to crystal clear colour resolution!