How to Stop Instagram From Posting to Facebook

Are all of your Instagram posts automatically being shared to your Facebook profile? This can be super annoying – especially…

Are all of your Instagram posts automatically being shared to your Facebook profile?

This can be super annoying – especially when your Instagram posts aren’t always edited for, or targeted at, your Facebook community.

Which is why turning off the share feature is such an important tool to be aware of. And luckily, it’s not too difficult to find.

3 Steps to Stop Instagram Posting to Facebook

  1. Head to your profile on Instagram then select the menu button in the top right hand corner, indicated by the three horizontal lines
  2. Click on ‘Sharing and Remixes’
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of options, which deals with sharing on Facebook. Make sure that the ‘Share Story to Facebook’ toggle is switched off – and that the ‘Sharing Reels on Facebook’ toggle is off

You will also find, whenever you upload a post, that a toggle below the caption will let you manage the sharing of each new post individually. So, if you did want to share a specific post to Facebook, you can. However, following the above steps will ensure an app-wide process of keeping your Instagram posts strictly on Instagram.

Why You Might Switch Automatic Posting Off

Now that you know how to turn off automatic posting and have stopped Instagram from sharing your posts straight onto Facebook, it’s worth considering the reasons why this is a question that so many users ask.

If you manage a business or even run a creator an influencer profile, then you probably already know that Instagram users and Facebook users are two very different audiences. What this means is that they respond to content differently – and so there will likely be adaptations to the original copy and content that you want to change before sharing to the other platform.

A post which you have designed and created for Instagram is not necessarily going to work in the same way for your Facebook audience.

What’s more, particularly for business account holders, you may have different CTAs and goal actions linked with your two different social accounts – again, requiring adjustments to wording and the end goal of the post.

Finally, the difference in audience, for a business or personal account, might simply mean that an Instagram update is not appropriate for Facebook. You might have a memory or update that you want to share on Instagram with friends but want to keep away from your Facebook where you have more family members hanging around.

These are all normal and perfectly valid reasons to switch off automatic posting between Instagram and Facebook. We hope this article has helped!