Why Are My Highlights Not Showing on Instagram?

Instagram highlights provides a way to keep your Instagram stories active on your profile. Bypassing the 24 hour limit on…

Instagram highlights provides a way to keep your Instagram stories active on your profile.

Bypassing the 24 hour limit on stories, having a set of Instagram highlights attached to your profile creates a long term home for your updates and stories – so that users can access and view these stories whenever they want to.

Most users who activate and use Instagram highlights will segment their stories into different groups and under different headings – for example, a business profile might have a story highlight dedicated to ‘The Team’, ‘Reviews’, ‘Our Products’ and more.

Highlights are given a cover image and a label, to make them easy to separate out and view. But what happens when you’re suddenly unable to add highlights, or view your highlights as normal?

In this blog, we’re sharing the reasons why highlights might not show on Instagram – and what to do when this happens.

What Causes Highlights to Disappear?

The chances are that if your Instagram highlights disappear or are suddenly inaccessible, you are experiencing a glitch in the system or a lack of internet connection.

Instagram highlights are a popular and commonly used feature across the app, meaning that the chances of highlights being deliberately removed are low. As a result, the number one cause of any issue accessing your highlights is an interruption in your connection.

If not, there’s also a chance that you may have disabled the archiving of your stories – thereby making it impossible to access past stories for your highlights. More on how to fix this in the next section of the article…

Best Ways to Fix Instagram Story Highlights

Here are some of the things to try if you are struggling to access or view story highlights on Instagram.

1. Ensure Archiving is Active

If you want your Instagram stories to be saved to your archive, which can then be accessed to create and share highlights, you need to ensure that this feature is enabled.

To do this, head to your profile and click on the menu button in the top right hand corner. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ then ‘Archiving and Downloading’. Finally, you need to ensure that ‘Save Story to Archive’ is switched on at its toggle.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

A lack of internet is the number one cause of most issues with and across Instagram. From posting stories to sharing and saving posts, Instagram requires good internet to work both effectively and seamlessly.

If you’re using WiFi and find it isn’t working, turn WiFi off and access mobile data instead. You can also reset your mobile data by switching your device into airplane mode and then back to normal again.

3. Ensure Instagram Isn’t In Data Saver Mode

Did you know that Instagram has a data saver setting which minimises the amount of data that Instagram uses behind the scenes?

This has its benefits, but when it comes to automated archiving and other features and tools, it can have a negative impact on the experience. In your Settings on Instagram, head to the Media Quality section and make sure that the toggle for ‘Use Less Mobile Data’ is switched off.

4. Update Your App

When in doubt, try updating the version of the app that you are using.

As Instagram is constantly making changes and updates across its system, it follows that some will impact features while others will have little impact. It could well be that a glitch has slipped through the net and that you simply need to download the latest version of the app to fix it.

What all of this should tell you is that Instagram story highlights are here to stay, and that if you can’t view or access them for whatever reason, the chances are it only requires a minor fix to get your app back to normal!

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