How to Reactivate Instagram  

Instagram is a wonderful platform, but sometimes, you might need to step back and take a break for a little…

Instagram is a wonderful platform, but sometimes, you might need to step back and take a break for a little while. When this happens, many people choose to deactivate their accounts. If you want to return after some time, you can reactivate the account, so you don’t lose any pictures, videos, or comments. However, not everyone is sure how to do it. If you are thinking about reactivating your account but aren’t sure how keep reading while we provide a step-by-step guide and several tips and tricks to help you have a better experience.

Reactivating Your Instagram Account

Download the App

If you thought you would not use Instagram anymore and deleted the app, you must reinstall it on your device before you can reactivate your account. To get the app, visit the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can use Instagram’s website, which will run in your browser but isn’t as fully featured as the smartphone applications.


Reactivating your Instagram account is extremely simple and only requires logging in on a desktop or mobile device. Enter the same username and password you always have, and the account will automatically reactivate when you do. Your pictures and videos will reappear as if you never left, and you can continue posting and sharing. If Instagram has updated its terms of use

Can I Reactivate My Instagram If I Forget My Username or Password?

If you forgot your username or password, you can still reactivate your old account by checking “forgot password” on the login screen and following the instructions to reset it. You will reactivate the account once you set a new password and log in.

What If I Don’t Have Access to My Old Email?

If you no longer use the email associated with your account, you can use the associated phone number to get into the account. Once you gain access, you should change the email to one you currently use. If you don’t have a phone number associated with the account or no longer use it, you might be able to get help by contacting customer service.

What If I Deleted My Account?

Unfortunately, if you deleted your account instead of deactivating it, you cannot reactivate it. Instagram will allow you to use the same email you used for your original account, but if it’s been a while, you might not be able to have the same username.

What If My Account Was Disabled?

If Instagram disabled your account due to intellectual property violations or sharing misleading or fraudulent content, you can fill out a form in Instagram Help to regain access to your account.

What if someone hacks my Instagram account?

If you believe someone hacked your Instagram account and it is preventing you from logging in, you can visit customer service for help. This same page can help you with problems retrieving your username and passwords when all other options have run out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference between Deactivating and Permanently Deleting My Instagram Account?

Deactivating your account is temporary and allows you to reactivate it later. Permanently deleting your account means it’s gone forever, and you’ll lose all your content and data.

How Long Can I Leave My Instagram Account Deactivated?

You can leave your Instagram account deactivated for as long as you like. There’s no time limit for reactivation.

Can I Reactivate an Account That Was Previously Hacked or Compromised?

Yes, if your account was hacked or compromised, you can still reactivate it by following the standard reactivation process. Make sure to change your password and enable additional security measures after reactivation.


Reactivating your Instagram after you temporarily disable it is a one-step process that only requires you to log in using the username and password associated with the account. You can leave it turned off for as long as you like, and if you forget your username or password, you can click the corresponding links on the login screen and follow the instructions to regain access. Unfortunately, if you delete the account, you will not be able to regain access, and if Instagram disabled it, you will need to fill out a form on their customer service page.