100 Work Captions for Instagram Your Boss Won’t Hate

Are you up for a trivia moment? The average person spends about 20 percent of their waking hours working —…

Are you up for a trivia moment? The average person spends about 20 percent of their waking hours working — and we’re afraid that statistic applies to paid employment or self-employment, not DIY or gardening.

If you share much of your life with your Instagram followers, work-related photos and videos are bound to make their way to your feed. Whether you’ve hit the jackpot and love what you do or work to live, rather than the other way around, tread carefully.

Work captions for Instagram can be an amazing way to share what you do, but you generally want to keep them positive and lighthearted. Your current or future employers might judge you by your Instagram captions. If you’re self-employed, your customers or clients will definitely do the same.

Are you wondering how to walk the line and write work Instagram captions that authentically share your day while also keeping things semi-professional? You’ll find some great examples on this list, but we’ll also get you started with some caption-writing tips!

How to Write Great Work Instagram Captions

How to Write Great Work Instagram Captions

So, you have a great workplace photo you’d love to share on social media — but you can’t think of an appropriate work caption for Instagram? It’s a common problem, because work captions force you to strike a perfect balance between being relatable and staying professional.

Delve into these tips and tricks to make your next work Instagram caption great!

  • Tailor your workplace captions to your audience. Yes, “know your audience” is always an essential part of the caption game, but it’s even more important in this case! Do you run a personal or business account? Do you use Instagram to impress future customers or employers, or are you just talking to friends and relatives? That will determine the general tone of your work captions.
  • Be authentic, no matter what your aim is as you write your workplace Instagram captions. You can stay professional while still letting your personality shine through in your posts, and you definitely should!
  • Don’t say anything your coworkers, management, clients, or customers will hold against you. That’s a recipe for disaster — and bitter regret. There are exceptions, of course. If you work at Wendy’s, you can probably be as snarky as their corporate social media accounts. If not, play it safe.

We hope that helps you work some caption magic of your own! If you’re still looking for the next great idea, scroll down. We can’t promise anything, but you might just find the perfect work caption for Instagram on our list. (And yes, you should feel free to copy and paste any caption you like the sound of!)

Funny Work Captions for Instagram

  1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and failed brainstorming sessions.
  2. My favorite coworkers are the ones who don’t steal my stapler but do bring me coffee.
  3. I’ll never forget that incident involving a microwaved casserole, but the involved parties shall not be named.
  4. Time is money, so chat by the water cooler whenever you get the chance.
  5. I work for money, but I’ll take compliments, too.
  6. Work smart, not hard.
  7. I absolutely love my coworkers, but please don’t talk to me until I have my morning coffee.
  8. Shhh: My job is top secret. Even I don’t know what I’m doing.
  9. I love everything in my job description. Every day fills me with gratitude. Everything is a joy. (Oops, sorry, I was doing my daily affirmations.)
  10. I solve problems for a living. What is your superpower?

Great Puns for Work Instagram Captions

  1. I’m sure we can work something out…
  2. Working hard vs hardly working: When you turn your hobby into your living.
  3. Some people work like dogs, but me? I work with my dog. #petfriendlyworkplace
  4. How do I do it? A lot of coffee and a whole lot of determination.
  5. Putting the Pro in Crastinator, one long lunch at a time.
  6. I promise I’m not a control freak, but… can I just show you how to do that?
  7. The lunch queue sure looks like a deadline.
  8. Rise and grind! It’s time for another beautiful day.
  9. When your only tool is a hammer, nail it!
  10. Dress for the job you want. What did the CEO wear, again?

Motivational Work Captions for Instagram

  1. Let’s make it happen!
  2. Whoever said the sky was the limit clearly never saw us in action.
  3. Hard work takes the luck factor out of your destiny.
  4. Don’t dream about it. Work for it.
  5. Start every day with a burning desire to make a difference.
  6. The secret behind every great success? An army of terrible mistakes. Be brave and make yours.
  7. Get out of your own way and do great things.
  8. And when all else fails, remember — one small step at a time, you’ll definitely make it to the break room.
  9. Be your own fiercest competition, and you’ll never fail.
  10. In a world of players, dare to be a game changer.

Motivational Work Captions for Instagram

Positive Working Instagram Captions

  1. Work hard, play hard, sleep much.
  2. Embrace the glorious mess and do great things anyway.
  3. Always rise by lifting others. Not physically. That would probably be a terrible idea.
  4. Positivity is contagious. Make someone’s day that little bit better today.
  5. Our secret? Nothing we do feels like work.
  6. It’s easy if you love it.
  7. Solve problems. Even if you created them.
  8. Live that life where “we’re not just coworkers, we’re a family” is more than a cheesy company motto.
  9. Make every minute worth it, and see how amazing it feels.
  10. I get to help people every day, and I get paid for it, too. So lucky!

Working Captions for Instagram About Coworkers & Teamwork

  1. Teamwork: Where ordinary people create magic.
  2. This tribe creates the best vibe.
  3. Work hard, laugh often, and show your coworkers pictures of your cat.
  4. Together, we’re more than the sum of our parts.
  5. Thanks for realizing that coffee is my love language. I’ll return the favor.
  6. Never, ever, stop putting those silly cat plushies on your desk. The office would never be the same without you.
  7. Coworkers? More like co-conspirators.
  8. Teamwork: Because many hands make light work.
  9. Many hands, one mind.
  10. Let’s get cheesy for a moment and recognize that there’s no “I” in “team,” but there’s definitely a “we” in “awesome.”

Workplace Captions for Instagram About Lunch & Breaks

  1. Work hard, lunch hard.
  2. Lunching and munching!
  3. When it comes to lunch hour, teamwork makes the dream fork.
  4. Our secret? We’re fueled by amazing lunches!
  5. Lunchtime vibes only.
  6. “Prepare for an unforgettable luncheon.”
  7. It’s a coffee break, not a “break the coffee machine” moment!
  8. Lunch breaks: Mini-vacations you get to enjoy every day.
  9. Nobody touches my lunch, ever. See Garry there in the corner? He tried, once, and he didn’t get away with it.
  10. Me? Oh, just eating my feelings.

Workplace Captions for Instagram About Lunch & Breaks

Work Instagram Captions About Office Politics

  1. Office politics? Keep calm and caffeinate.
  2. In the grand hierarchy of office politics, I’m the plant on my coworker’s desk. Hasn’t been watered in too long, looks a little sad, says nothing.
  3. Office politics? I thought that was our free monthly theater performance?
  4. Give me snacks over office politics any day. Unless you touch my lunch. Then, you’re toast.
  5. Putting the “passive” in “passive aggressive,” one bag of popcorn at a time.
  6. I’m just a guy who likes lunch, hard work, and vacation days.
  7. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  8. “If you steal your coworker’s stapler, you must be ready to fight a war of a hundred battles.” — definitely (not?) Sun Tzu, The Art Of War
  9. Yes, but what about the “pause” in “dramatic pause?”
  10. I give out free pens to all my coworkers. It’s my thing. I buy them in bulk. On Amazon. You’re welcome, and feel free to give me a Nobel Peace Prize.

‘Can’t Wait for the Weekend’ Work Instagram Captions

  1. When everything else fails, close your eyes and think of Friday.
  2. Dear weekend, I’m just writing to say I miss you.
  3. The weekend is magic! It transforms “work” into “workout” like a pro!
  4. Hi, Saturday and Sunday! Can you tell Monday to lighten up a bit?
  5. Friday: The week’s superhero.
  6. Weekend goals? On a scale of one to 10, I’m at a “save me, Saturday.”
  7. Weekend forecast: 100% of Netflix with a dash of laundry and a downpour of laziness.
  8. I know it’s not Friday yet, but I can still do a happy dance in my head, right? Quietly?
  9. Why can’t Friday come a day early? Asking for a friend.
  10. Weekend, how I miss you.

Work Captions for Instagram for Self-Employed People

  1. When your couch is your base of operations, and your cats are your coworkers.
  2. Work hard, play hard, and wear PJs all day long.
  3. I’d check with my boss, but I don’t think talking to yourself is particularly healthy.
  4. Rocking self-employment like a boss.
  5. If you can’t get a job doing what you love, start your own business.
  6. Working at home is a blessing that comes with a curse. These dishes have been here a while.
  7. My office? Oh, yeah, it’s called a couch.
  8. Hard work pays off, and this is what it looks like.
  9. Do what you love, and you’ll never pray for the weekend again.
  10. Proud avoider of office politics.

Work Captions for Instagram for Self-Employed People

Creative Writing Prompts to Help You Craft Work Captions for Instagram

Are you still looking for a perfect work Instagram caption for a cool photo you have lined up? These creative writing prompts give you the best of both worlds — the chance to write your own caption combined with the inspiration you need to make it happen. Just finish the sentences to create magic.

  1. If my desk could talk, it would say…
  2. Instagram — where I take a much-needed break from work to…
  3. Today’s work playlist is all about…
  4. … is the highlight of my workday, because…
  5. This week’s motto? I can conquer anything with…
  6. Disorganized? Nah, I’m just…
  7. The best advice I ever got about climbing the career ladder is…
  8. Keep calm and…
  9. You can be my new best friend at the office if you…
  10. Workplace fridges be like…

FAQ About Work Captions for Instagram

What should I avoid at all costs when writing work Instagram captions?

We hope this goes without saying, but never post about how much you hate your job, how you turn doing absolutely nothing into an art form, or how your search for a new job is going. Always assume your employer can see your Instagram posts.

Depending on your office (or other work) culture, snarky posts can be fine, but be careful. If you’re not sure you’d enjoy seeing it posted on the office notice board, maybe don’t share it on Instagram.

What about work captions for Instagram for businesses? Are they different?

Business captions are a whole other genre. Some businesses keep their Instagram posts relatable and conversational. If that’s your vibe, you may find some great ideas for workplace Instagram captions on this list. Some of the captions you’ll find here are excellent options for “behind the scenes” photos, but marketing posts are a different kettle of fish.

If you’re self-employed or a solopreneur, you are your brand. If some of our captions resonate with you, feel free to incorporate them into your feed.

What are some great hashtags to add to work Instagram captions?

You have so many options that it’s hard to pick! However, some of our favorite choices include #professionalgrowth, #careeradvice, #workmantra, #desklife, #workplaceoddities, #officesnacks, and #workmotivation.

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