80 Amsterdam Instagram Captions to Make Your Adventures Come to Life

Many people dream about visiting Amsterdam, but only some lucky people actually visit! If you’re one of the approximately 22…

Many people dream about visiting Amsterdam, but only some lucky people actually visit! If you’re one of the approximately 22 million tourists who visit the Netherlands’ most famous city every year, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a lifetime supply of Insta-worthy photos and videos. Of course, they all need to be captioned!

The best Amsterdam Instagram caption ideas allow your followers to immerse themselves in your unforgettable experience.

Are you lost for words? We can think of a reason or two why Amsterdam might leave you speechless! Don’t worry — we’ve got your back with these vivid Amsterdam Instagram captions that should set your comments section on fire and act as real like magnets. (Of course, your amazing pictures will still do most of the work.)

How to Write Cool Amsterdam Instagram Captions

Do you have no idea where to even start writing an Amsterdam Instagram caption? If it’s your first time visiting Holland’s most vibrant city, that makes complete sense! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Share how Amsterdam makes you feel. You might not see the city as the locals do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your impressions. Whether the maze of narrow streets filled with culinary adventures from across the globe made you fall in love with Amsterdam or you find solace at the Vondelpark, we’re sure you have plenty to say.
  • Try to add some Dutch words you learned to your Amsterdam Instagram captions! Your Instagram followers will be impressed that you picked up some cool new slang, and they’ll be extra jealous that you’re having such a great time.
  • Include cool Amsterdam or Netherlands-related puns in your next caption if you find an opportunity. Whether you make jokes about certain green plants or admire the well-organized tram system, you’ll have plenty of options!
  • If you uncovered cool local gems that most tourists don’t know about, don’t be afraid to share them in your Amsterdam Instagram captions — your followers will have something to look forward to if they ever visit the city.

Above all, make your Amsterdam Instagram captions fun — the city definitely deserves it! Scroll through our example captions to discover how it’s done. (And yes, if you see a caption you like, you can definitely use it! Whether you copy and paste or modify our captions to better match your pictures, it’s OK! That’s why we wrote this Amsterdam Instagram caption list!)

How to Write Cool Amsterdam Instagram Captions

Cute Amsterdam Instagram Caption Ideas

  1. If you’re going to get lost, do it among the canals. And take pictures.
  2. Look! I Am Sterdam!
  3. Feeling as cute as a poffertje here in Amsterdam.
  4. Came for the stroopwafels, stayed for the vibes.
  5. It’s a bit cheesy, but it feels so Gouda to be here.
  6. These Dutch folks have dam good vibes, man.
  7. All you need is an e-bike and a stroopwafel.
  8. Amsterdam: Where you can never get too Dutch of a good thing.
  9. Wanna go Dutch in Amsterdam?
  10. Tot ziens, Amsterdam! Hope to see you again sometime!

Funny Amsterdam Instagram Captions

  1. Amsterdam: The city of bikes and highs.
  2. They said this city was fun, but they’re all cycle-paths here.
  3. On your bike, they said, so I ended up in Amsterdam.
  4. Amsterdam: Where “if you get to know the weeds, you’ll understand they’re flowers, too” takes on a whole new meaning.
  5. High on those lowland vibes…
  6. Dodging pigeons and cyclists like a pro after four days in Amsterdam.
  7. Oh, Amsterdam, I love you so Dutch!
  8. Amsterdam is dope.
  9. Amsterdam: My new partner in crime.
  10. Come to the Amsterdam side. We have cookies with syrup here.

Amsterdam Instagram Captions About Art and Culture

  1. Every night in Amsterdam is a Starry Night.
  2. If the apocalypse ever hits, I want to be stuck at the Rijksmuseum — where nothing is boring.
  3. Madame Tussaud’s: Look, but never touch! I hear these statues melt!
  4. Came for the cheese, stayed for the art.
  5. Luxury problems: Three days and 101 museums to explore.
  6. Amsterdam: Where you don’t even need to visit a museum to see pure art.
  7. We’re on Night Watch tonight!
  8. Feeling as happy as a Milkmaid.
  9. If you don’t become a potato eater, you’re not doing Amsterdam right. Vang Gogh + patat.
  10. Musicals hit different in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Instagram Captions About Uniquely Dutch Food

  1. All I’m saying is… if you order “patat speciaal” and plan to eat it outside, watch out for the pigeons.
  2. I got 99 problems, but stroopwafels ain’t one of them.
  3. Licorice is my new love language.
  4. Eating: Stroopwafels. Taking back as gifts: Licorice.
  5. All aboard the olieballen express!
  6. Bitter balls are the best balls.
  7. Feeling salty… salty herring.
  8. Warm up with this “snert.”
  9. Pancakes taste better when you call them “pannenkoeken.”
  10. They call this “zuurkool” — try if you dare!

Amsterdam Instagram Captions About Uniquely Dutch Food

Amsterdam Instagram Caption Ideas About Nightlife

  1. Neon lights and red lights — the magic of Amsterdam.
  2. Dancing through the Amsterdam night like it’s going out of style.
  3. Amsterdam: Where “coffee shop” has a whole different meaning.
  4. Parties are better in Amsterdam.
  5. Cocktails, canals, and (space)cake.
  6. Discovering my own Starry Night by the canal.
  7. That Amsterdam nightlife…
  8. To Amster to give a Dam.
  9. My hopes are as high as I am.
  10. Amsterdam: The whole world in one city.

Short Amsterdam Instagram Captions

  1. Meet me by the canal.
  2. You had me at bikes.
  3. Amsterdam’s narrow streets are pretty a-maze-ing.
  4. If you don’t hear from me, I decided to stay.
  5. Stroopwafels and kruidnoten, a dream come true.
  6. Best city ever.
  7. Good girls go to Sunday School. Bad girls go to Amsterdam.
  8. Dutch courage.
  9. Everything feels more creative here.
  10. Amsterdam: Always a good idea.

Amsterdam Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Just your average Dutch selfie.
  2. Selfies are better in Amsterdam.
  3. Amster Dam, I feel good today!
  4. Canals and tulips are the best filters. Change my mind.
  5. Bike hair, don’t care.
  6. Selfie on the Keizersgracht, feeling like a king.
  7. Oh, patat, how I love you!
  8. If only I could bottle this feeling.
  9. Orange rocks, but Green is better.
  10. Hup, Holland, Hup!

Creative Writing Prompts for Amsterdam Instagram Captions

Are you still looking for an Amsterdam Instagram caption that perfectly frames the vibe of your photos? You know there’s only one way to happen — do it yourself! If your head is still spinning from all that museum hopping, don’t worry. We can still help you!

Using these creative writing prompts is an easy way to craft unique Instagram captions for your trip to Amsterdam! We’ve already started the sentences, so you just need to put your own twist on them!

  1. Amsterdam, the city where I…
  2. My favorite thing to eat in Amsterdam is…
  3. Trying Dutch cheese for the first time made me see that…
  4. Visiting a local market in Amsterdam, I discovered…
  5. If you ever visit Amsterdam, remember to…
  6. Amsterdam: The best place to get a terrible tattoo. Because…
  7. It’s cheesy, but…
  8. These narrow houses whisper secrets about…
  9. Amsterdam is the… to my…
  10. Amsterdam: Where… go to die and you’ll discover a whole new…

Creative Writing Prompts for Amsterdam Instagram Captions

FAQ About Instagram Captions for Amsterdam

How do I make Amsterdam come to life in my Instagram captions?

Whether you’re visiting Amsterdam for a long weekend or staying a whole week, you’re in a unique position to describe the Netherlands’ biggest city with fresh eyes. Go deep and find the emotions the city evokes for you, and then try to describe them in a poetic way. Alternatively, keep your Amsterdam Instagram captions short and punchy — and go crazy with cool puns.

Do you have any other tips for writing Amsterdam Instagram captions?

If you have adventurous followers who may want to take a trip to “NL” themselves, adding some helpful info about every place you visit could be a nice touch.

What are the best hashtags to include in my Amsterdam Instagram captions?

While you have a lot of great hashtags to pick from, some of our favorites include #amsterdam, #travelnetherlands, #exploreamsterdam, and #dutchlife. You can also include some general travel hashtags, like #wanderlust and #travelphotography.

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